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Fifty Dead Men Walking

A brave, feckless young Belfast hood (Jim Sturgess) infiltrates the IRA at the behest of a zealous but conscience-ridden British cop (Ben Kingsley). Freely adapted from a memoir by real-life informant Martin McGartland, this 2008 Canadian-British coproduction is a muddled, talky affair, part soap opera, part undercover police procedural. The principals never stop fretting about the ethical ambiguities of their dangerous game, though the mole is insistently portrayed as a shining hero. Director Kari Skogland starts out with a workable pseudo-doc template but then mucks it up with various stylistic tics. As usual, Kingsley gives his all, but it isn't enough.



  • Kari Skogland


  • Ben Kingsley
  • Jim Sturgess
  • Kevin Zegers
  • Natalie Press
  • Rose McGowan
  • Tom Collins
  • William Houston
  • Gerard Jordan
  • Joe Doyle
  • Ali White


  • Nicholas Davies
  • Martin McGartland


  • Stephen Hegyes

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