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Female Authority 

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To the editors:

This letter is in response to the recent article on Ms. D'Arcy, the Dominatrix [December 4].

First, I do not agree with Her statement that "submissive males" are victims of early child abuse, with fantasies, fetishes, and longings based on those early experiences. We have numerous personal accountings from such males and there is no basis to Ms. D'Arcy's assumptions.

Further, We, as a group of authentic Female Authoritarians, do not "abuse" males who are consensual enrolled students in Our Programs. We make many demands on them (unlike Ms. D'Arcy) with regard to unconditional servitude to Female Authority; however, none of them has complained about being "abused."

It is about time that Authentic Dominas got some press in the mainstream media. We are very proud of what We do and have many women and males enrolled in Our Programs. Dominance and submission is not merely "sex with a new kink." It is grounded in respect and deference to women, all women.

Ms. G. Artemis, F.S.

Authentic Domina

New York City Chapter

Femina Society


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