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This leisure-class murder mystery reminded me of Claude Chabrol, but the tone of sinister elegance faded as the story holes began to accumulate. A young composer (Adam Garcia, who looks like he'd have trouble finding middle C) returns to his parents' private island after his father (James Naughton) dies in a swimming accident. His mother (Jacqueline Bisset) instantly remarries, and there's something fishy about her new husband (Stuart Wilson), a hearty Brit whose grown daughter (Alice Evans) wastes no time seducing Garcia. Klaus Menzel, making his feature-directing debut, based his script on an unproduced screenplay by Daryl Haney and John Jacobs; I'd love to know who thought up the young man's attorney, who's so devoted he doesn't mind personally exhuming the father's body for an illegal toxicology exam.


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