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Re: “Animal Kingdom

missed it in the theatres saw it last night on dvd
the movie quite got me in a vice and tightened the grip

and pope is now right up there on my creepiest scariest character of alltime list

every bit lived up the the accolades id heard about it

the dvd's extras included actor/actress interviews and i was
actually kinda taken back to realize the characters werent really real
i mean that's how effective the performances were
they sure as hell sold me

damn what a movie

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Posted by fakescreenname on 05/27/2012 at 11:50 AM

Re: “Bully

respect jr jones' take on most all his reviews but must differ here respectfully
regardless of the reason behind it - eg curdled friendship - bullying leaves hidden
scars that never really heal

for me 50 years later personally i can still remember the guy who made my school days a living hell

kids are kids sure and it's a lesson in life too but anything i can/could do to prevent one more kid from being put thru this brutal stress i would

and anything that raises the issue in hopes of eliminating it completely is worthy
of attention

and of course as the other comment pointed out no bully or his parent(s) is going to go on camera


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Posted by fakescreenname on 04/19/2012 at 11:54 AM

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Re: “Anatomy of a heroin ring

Wednesday night settling in after eating, I typed in ChicagoReader.com to check out movies "opening this week." Something to do.

But the cover story caught my eye. Ended up reading past midnight. Dumke's work and the words and images found clicking many other sites. The subject matter does capture my attention I have to admit. Two brothers I've known since grade school their kid brother is doing LWOP (life w/o parole) in a Florida penitentiary. Same business model used. Same retirement plan earned.

Life without parole? That kind of thing just doesn't happen to guys like me; and while everybody I know knows about it, nobody talks about it to the two brothers. It's too awkward I guess. That's how I found out about "Inmate Locator" though.

After finishing "Anatomy of a Heroin Ring" I "Inmate Locator"-ed the main characters' names. A couple are still at the MCC. One is "in transit." And a couple now moved to BOP locations scattered in the south. One tho - the dude who shot the other dude at the cookout - is doing state time at Menard. 51 years state time. Like forever state time

I've read if you're gonna do time federal time is preferable. But either way half a century's worth I mean what difference does it make? They're all gonna be there awhile. Wherever their particular "there" is. Man to throw your life away like that ...

I heard it's approximately 20k/yr to house a convict times 6 guys, say 120k a year.
Over the next 25 years - averaging their sentences - say 3 mill give or take. Good news if you're a prison guard I guess - job security-wise.

Man I still remember watching "Scared Straight" 30+ years ago. Back around then I had jail bars slam shut on me a couple times but it was just "white punks on dope" stuff.

And each time someone bailed me out before I had to go down to 26th & Cal. Thank the Lord. And I type that as an agnostic at best. But I wasn't one back then sitting in the dank sweating getting out before the bus to county showed up.

Locked up overnight? Are you kidding me? Let alone for the next 25 years?! More than enough deterrent for this earthling born of lighter hue than the guys in this story needed to get his mind right.

And even tho the other side of my bed is empty nowadays it sure is nice to see women every day. Out on the street. The beautiful beautiful street. From the not inside side of a prison wall or barbed wire fence.

So what's the point of my contribution to this thread? Ain't got one. But come sun up tomorrow I think I'm gonna take a walk outside and breathe in some fresh - free - air.
And thank my lucky stars I didn't grow up on the means streets of the west side. Where yesterday was tough and today ain't no different. Looks like from this story anyway.

Still, that wise man said, "Free yer mind , yer ass will follow." The only thing drugs & alcohol lead to is heartbreak and ruination. Even I'm smart enough to know that.

So peace and good luck (No sarc) to the 97 outta 100 decent folk struggling through "life in the 'hood." But boy oh boy do those other 3 sure shitcan the neighborhood.

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Posted by fakescreenname on 02/16/2013 at 2:05 PM

Re: “The grow house next door

in a previous comment i misspelled sheriff donovan's name
i apologize for the error

i don't agree w/ his or the cook co sheriff's dept crime busting
policy vis a vis order of enforcement priorities
actually i'm not even sure what a 'sheriff' does that a cop can't
but not to quibble here

irrespective of that tho as one w/ an often mispronounced name
- it's fakeSCREENname not fakescreenNAME or most annoying of all
FAKEscreenname - i appreciate when people get it right so ...

but speaking of cops and sheriffs
here's hoping the future brings more 'peace officers' around these parts
and we all - laws and homegrowers - can smoke a 'peace pipe' together wink wink

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Posted by fakescreenname on 08/11/2012 at 3:11 PM

Re: “The grow house next door

boy did humorboy mangle belushi's animal house joke try
oh well

still if growing a plant in your basement is criminal ...

hey badge wearing dudes bust the 1 sellers - and the 2 buyers too -
but how's about leaving the 3 home growers alone?

ortiz was obv a 3 and maybe was gonna be a 1 but
overzealous laws jumped him or - depending on your p-o-v - saved the neighborhood from the next tony montana

hey man it's a weed that gets you high
either criminalize alcohol (betcha alot of cops imbibe me's a teetotaler myself)
or decriminalize pot
things the current way a bit inconsistent and hypocritical, no?

but peace to ya sheriff donavan i ain't your enemy sir

and please pardon my anality but what i meant to jest was:

all wars have turning point battles
george washington crossing the mississippi to defeat the commies
at the alamo ...
... and in the us' war on drugs sargent donavan's squad of commandos' planting the cook county banner atop ortiz hill will undoubtably be remembered as the moment when the evil horde of potheads were quashed yada yada

oh never mind that's why i'm typing from my mom's basement instead of the comedy central joke writers' room

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Posted by fakescreenname on 08/10/2012 at 11:53 AM

Re: “The grow house next door

oops ...
'... on mt ortiz-keller jima cook county's flag ...'

ha maybe i SHOULD cut back a little

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Posted by fakescreenname on 08/09/2012 at 6:26 PM

Re: “The grow house next door

all wars have a turning point battle
gettysburg during wwII and of course ronald delano reagan's epic
d-day invasion of grenada that global power gone mad

now in the us' war on drugs commander donovan's troops heroic raising
on mt ortiz-keller jima will no doubt be go down as when we turned the
tide against mankind's greatest threat - demon seed cannabis

hoorah for colonel donovan let's name a fort after him or something

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Posted by fakescreenname on 08/09/2012 at 6:21 PM

Re: “While you were distracted by NATO ...

ben youre cool but not much as you think
rather than trying to humiliate someone w/ a differing p-o-v
hows about passing on that and penning constructive?
like i say your wit impresses but the snark is off putting to say the least

as for mayor emanuel (how i dreaded that fact coming to pass) it is quite disheartening
this 'meet the new boss same as the old boss' is here once again

i was bummed but not surprised chicagoans voted him in
8-15 mil dc to wall st cashout for this guy?
may not be illegal (not sure still) but as morally corrupt as it gets
this man is the single most frightening politician ive ever seen
'don't let a crisis go to waste' has to be the alltime nauseatingest quote
ive ever read politics-wise

closing it is good to read smart involved people's comment tho

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Posted by fakescreenname on 05/27/2012 at 12:24 PM

Re: “Melting Pot Shot

the group has the groups have and downhill from there

beware the righteousnous of the newly enrolled business college student
a wee bit less strident a quarter century on i think the melting pot may
have? has? a chance after all

one can hope

and one can also hope one finds no other cringe-worthy search results
when on a boring night one googles oneself - ugh

Posted by fakescreenname on 03/13/2012 at 12:12 AM

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