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Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury's novel about thought control in a future society (451 degrees is the temperature at which books burn) was the basis for Francois Truffaut's first, ill-fated venture outside the bounds (and native language) of Gallic humanism. This 1966 film often looks good (it was Truffaut's first in color, photographed by Nicolas Roeg), but the ideas, such as they are, get lost in the meandering narrative. Bernard Herrmann's score, however, is one of his finest.



  • François Truffaut


  • Oskar Werner
  • Julie Christie
  • Cyril Cusack
  • Anton Diffring
  • Jeremy Spenser
  • Bee Duffell
  • Gillian Lewis
  • Ann Bell
  • Caroline Hunt
  • Anna Palk
  • Alex Scott
  • Denis Gilmore


  • Jean-Louis Richard
  • François Truffaut


  • Lewis Allen
  • Miriam Brickman
  • Michael Dalamar
  • Jane Nusbaum

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