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Essays on the hopes and horrors of returning to “normal”

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  • From bar gigs to bar mitzvahs, an old-school prestidigitator keeps the magic alive.
  • The audition sounded like it might be fun. Now what I have gotten myself into.

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  • Local Color: The State of the Fair

    These Parts--Springfield, IL: The Illinois State Fair is becoming an exposition of life in all its loopy aspects, not just the agricultural. The amusements today are still not very sophisticated, but they are more metropolitan, and so are the crowds.
  • Reading: Our City, Ourselves

    These guidebooks aim to portray the "real" Chicago, to take the reader "under its skin, where it lives, breathes, and smells." Do they?
  • On TV: Who's Afraid of Infotainment?

    Are we really supposed to believe that news with actors is any more "staged" than news without?
  • Clobbered by Clout?

    Defeated aldermanic candidate Jay Stone puts a new twist on the Shakman decree.
  • David Reifman has left the building 2

    As the Department of Planning and Development commissioner departs, megadevelopers lose one of their biggest cheerleaders.