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Re: “The Police Torture Scandals: A Who's Who

My visits has once again, been illegally stopped from visiting my brother David P., who has been a victim of torture(rapes, physical assaults by guards and a few of the other bully inmate/patients) at Chester Mental Health Center, in Chester, Illinois.
ATTN: On Nov. 1, 2013, I received a call from David's "psychiatrist"(the same one who LIED saying that "David is only given drugs when he ask for them"), Mary Henessian, requesting I to convince David to take drugs that constipates him. (David had been complaining about these drugs constipating him for about (2) months PRIOR to Nov. 1, 2013). I explained to her that if she is forced to take drugs that constipate her and is ignored (as David has been), when you ask for something to relieve the constipation, (such as Maalox or Metamucil), you wouldn't want to take it either, so NO, I will not convince David to take those pills.
Upon my reply to her, she got an attitude and said to I, "well I hope you have a good visit tomorrow". "Good-bye". NOTE: She knew that I was planning a visit with him on Nov. 2, 2013.
Upon my arrival, an STA accused I of being "rude and threatening" towards her, because as I was attempting to ask her IF I needed to push one of the colored buttons to start the microwave to warm the food I brought for David to enjoy, when she cut me off and started to walk towards me. I simply stated to her, "you didn't have to get up". "All you had to do was answer my question". "I can understand instructions" and that's when she LIED and said that I was "being "rude and threatening" toward her. I then asked her, "I'm being rude"? I then said, "I think you're being rude". "You didn't even give me time to finish asking you what I was trying to ask you".
David and I were then changed to another room;reason given to us was, "to give you and David more privacy". David's food was still not warm enough so one of the other guards excorted I back to the smaler visiting room where the microwave was and upon I leaving that time, I simply glanced in the females STA direction(for I had to pass her to leave the room and go back where David and I visit was taking place) and this female STA rolled her eyes at I. I simply kept walking without saying anything to her.
NOTE: O Nov. 8, 2013, I receievd a letter in the mail;dated Nov. 5, 2013, saying that my visited were STOPPED and that if I come on the Chester's premises I wouls be "subject to being arrested".
NOw I'm being told that, "any communication I need or want to do concerning Chester, I must do it DIRECTLY with the "acting" admin., LEAH HAMMEL, but each time I attempt to call and speak with her about my visits being straightened out, all I get is a voice mail OR secretary (Lisa), saying, "she's in a meeting".
ALERT! Chester has LIED on I again but I will not allow their lies to deter I from continually fighting to get my brother OUT of Chester for (1st), he was NOT sentenced to maximum(Chester), he was RAILROADED FROM Elgin(medimum).
ATTN: Davids; LIVER has been damaged and is being monitored from forced years of PSYCHOTROPIC drugs!
I am still PLEADING for interested ones(media), to INTERVIEW I(with documents, photos, etc., IN HAND) and assist I at getting a RALLY in front of Chester Mental Health Center, in
Chester, Illinois, to EXPOSE this facility, just as rodneyyoder.com did.
Thank you.
sign, Mrs. E.P.Clayton
(sis.) of abused patient, David P.

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Posted by ELois Poole-Clayton on 01/21/2014 at 1:16 PM

Re: “Landlord shouts 'You're out!' Tenants say 'We won't go!' Everyone agrees: It's Insanity!

To the young lady who's seeking a church home(saying that she doesn't know of a church that' open on Sunday evenings anymore), you are cordially invited to worship with us (New Memorial Missionary Baptsit Church, located at 6844 S. Indiana Ave., Chicago, Illinois, on the South side of Chicago).
Sunday School starts at 9:30a and there are services of some sort, every Sunday evening.
My pastors name is Pastor Roosevelt Walker Jr. and the church phone number is, (773)488-6869.
My name is sister Elois P. Clayton.
We're looking forward to seeing you soon and may God bless you.

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Posted by ELois Poole-Clayton on 01/21/2014 at 11:47 AM

Re: “The Police Torture Scandals: A Who's Who

ALERT! (X) Hd. admin.(Patricia Kelley-Mosbacher, (X) asst. admin., (David Dunker), etc(many to name), ARE culprits, in the YEARS of COVERUPS of ABUSES(including rapes), on my brother David P.(and I'm sure other patients), at Chester MHC, in Chester, Illinois! This August(2013), there are STILL false punishments, being bestowed on our David, because he finally realizes and is tired of being abused and punished for GUARDS/STA's(such as Chris Roberts, Clarence, Ken, Depa, Scott, Don Berry, etc), satanic behaviors;same type of ill behaviors that JON BURGE and his crommies, has bestowed on victims, whom some are STILL incarcerated(just as my David is), because CMHC, is CONSTANTLY playing their 'SYSTEMIC BLAME GAME', along with making THREATS on our lives and falsely accusing us, to attempt to COVER their OWN *****, concerning these assaults/lies on us and ABUSES on our David. ATTN: DHS, secretary(Michelle Saddler), "psychiatrist", DHS "overseerer" of CMHC employees(Dr. Debra Ferguson)(according to her OWN words, just as Brazier Sawyer stated the SAME words), are ALL involved in the munipulative games being played, continuing the DELAY in David's long OVERdue, TRANSFER OUT of CMHC(maximum), where he should NOT have been in the first place, for he was sentenced(20 years ago), to Elgin(medium), because he had ALREADY been a victim of BULLYING and for TOOOO long, felt he had to go along in order to be left alone, but now(53) years old, realizes that he has the RIGHT, to NOT be assaulted, by ANYONE! We(David's family), will continue to fight for justice for him against these EVIL state of Illinois employees, for his HEALTH, has been effected by these psychotropic drugs(LIVER is now, this 2013, being monitored) AND his COGNITIVE abilities, are DETERIOATING. We do NOT want him to wound up in the CEMETERY about (5) minutes SOUTH of CMHC, because the administration is assisting in COVERING(still), for themselves and their employees who has ABUSED David and others, for years, because the "psychiatrists", are INTERFERRING in us(David's family), having POA, over him! ATTN: I counted at least(24) BODIES of (X) patients buried at this CEMETERY, shown to I, by the infamous, (http://rodneyyoder.com/). ATTN: David has/IS still, (on occasions), experiencing the SAME hurtful treatment, as JON BURGE victims. The ABUSES on he and others at CMHC, is TORTURE, as well and CMHC employees, MUST be PROSECUTED(even though their tactics, TOLLS the 'Statue of Limitation'). ATTN: When litigants aren't allowed to file even police reports(with Chester PD), there is no 'statue of limitation',(especially when the PD is well AWARE of these assaults and states to families, that, "Chester takes care of their OWN problems", which is what we have been told for years. ATTN: Chief Coffey(of Chester PD), was informed(by LETTER and a request for his presense, was included, in a Face-To-Face meeting I(David's sister requested) in Feb. 2010, but upon I arriving for that meeting on the 17th, at 1p, the "admins." and "treatment team", attempted to COVER for eachother, with LIES as to why he, David, a guard who assaulted David then AND this 2013), were NOT present! ATTN: A "Dr". MV Reddy, was David's "psychiatrist" some time ago, but since this "treatment" team has been EXPOSED more AND we have been persistant at receiving justice for David, "Dr." MV Reddy, has surfaced AGAIN; gaining himself a WRITTEN COMPLAINT WITH the admins. secretary(Lisa), for a LIE(in their attempt to still COVER these assaults up that is still being orchestrated on David for NO ligitimate reason, other than that David speaks UP and stands UP for himself;DEFENDING himself from assaults on him) that I(David's sister), is personally RECORDING the conversations I have with them(which is a LIE, BUT, ALL calls, to ANY facility, are recorded and that was made CLEAR to ALL of the CMHC employees(by I), but they STILL insisted on LIEING on I), so I filed WRITTEN COMPLAINT against the individuals who falsely accused I(including Unit C Director(Joe Harper;his words being, "I'm not going to have you lieing on "my employees")! ALERT! We, will NOT, be intimidated by ANY of CMHC employees, when they are done illegally stopping our visits and attempting to accuse US, of THEIR satanic behaviors against David, which is what guard, Chris Roberts has committed, when he THREATENED to "kill your ass, if I lose my job" and "I'm going to have my wife sister, beat YOUR sister ELois up, the next time she visits you"(words said to David, by Chris Roberts). MUch, has been stolen from David, (by guards, KEN(who stated to David, "I'll go in your BOX, any time I get ready";(2) BOXES were sent to David the FIRST week in August, 2013 and he stated to I, just yesterday(08.14.2013), that I have NO goodies left"), Don Berry(asked David, "can I give another patient a bag of your chips" and when David told him"hell no", he stated to David, "I'm going to give it to him anyways") and Chris Roberts, who has taken items from him that David family spend their hard earned money to purchase goodie item for David, to try and give him some sort of PEACE and remind him that WE(his family), loves him, which we will ALWAYS do, for CMHC employees, has tried for years to make him see himself as worthless, because of their psychotic behaviors towards David and their attempt to keep their abuses COVERED UP against David(and I'm sure others). We WILL KEEP FIGHTING, on David's behalf, for JUSTICE AGAINST Chester MHC/state of Illinois mental hospital employees!
ALERT! We have gained (2) 'SUBSTANTIATED' complaints agaisnt CMHC, this '2013'!

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Posted by ELois Poole-Clayton on 08/15/2013 at 10:58 AM

Re: “A Convict's Odyssey

Today(05.28.2013), there was ANOTHER "TPR", held at 1:10p.
Some of the SAME "treatment" team CMHC employees, were present;including the guard Chris Roberts('SUBSTANTIATED' report on he and Brooks, after ALL these years), Dr. MV Reddy, who stated YEARS ago(in his continuous attempt to keep David's family from receiving POA for David;Dr. Mary Hennnesian included, along with Dr.Brazil Sawyer, who intentionally contacted I and "assured" I that "I will see that David retrieved the POA FORMS that he's requesting", then after the call, went to David and attempted to BRAINWASH hium into believing that, his family(we), are trying to "control" him.
Hennesian's EXACT words to him were, "you don't want your family controling you, do you"?, in her munipulation to presuade David NOT to persue the POA FORMS.
Joe Harper(Unit C Dir., ANS now, Lisa(admin's., Brian Thomas secretary), has LIED on I, accusing I of recording the TPR calls.
David has been todl by SW, Travis Nottmiar, that, "if you want to still be transferred, sign this";for MONTHS David did and AGAIN today, Nottmiar DENIED having this conversation with David, BUT, Nottmiar "assured" David AND I again(today), that "I will get David COPIES of ALL the papers he has signed about his transfer OUT of CMHC".
Because I insisted on WHEN Nottmiar would take care of getting David these papers he signed, Nottmiar(attempting to have WITNESSES to say I've done something wrong), AGAIN, HUNG UP the phone on I.
EIGHT officers, LIED on our sister, when Chester Police removed her from Chester's facility, accusing her of "assulting" aguards, when the guards attempted to stop her from saying good-bye(until next time) and tried t BLOCK her from hugging David.
She told them, "you can't stop I from saying good-bye to my brother" and stepped AROUND them.
They assaulted her and she DEFENDED herself from their assaults.
ATTN: I KNOW, they LIED on her, because(1), she'e angry about what they have been doing to our brother for years and (2), she's a muslim. She doesn't allow men to touch her;not even men whom our family has been knowing for years!
MAY 28, 2013, TPR(phone conference), is ANOTHER example of the COVERUP of ABUSES and OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE that the admins. and other employees has been playing a role in for the ENTIOIRE time David has been a patient at Chester MHC, in Chester, Illinois.
We will NOT be intimidated, NOR will I allow ANY of CMHC employees go UNreported(to DHS, EFE or the ABUSE HOTLINE), for their assaults on my family!
I can STILL, be contacted for a FULL New INTERVIEW, at (773)622-2906, at ANYTIME.
Thank you and PLEASE continue to PRAY for my brother David P;abused patient at CMHC!

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Posted by ELois Poole-Clayton on 05/28/2013 at 5:57 PM

Re: “Follow-Up: The Meter's Still Running and the Mayor's Still Mum

This, sounds just like my case(with the exception of that type of torture), for I also have what I call my 'Form Of Questioning', which catches the City, whatever way they turn! I faught a criminal case for 2 1/2 years, WON, APPEALED, to Civil Court, went before judge James Egan, room 2205 at the Daley Center, put the right questions before the City of Chicago lawyer & the PD's attorneys and the judge was SOOOO upset, for I represented myself, that he lost his concentration and made an UNethical remark in the courtroom("you can get it DISmissed in appellate court"), so I then, filed a 'MOTION', asking the judge(all the while asking for a 'JUDGEMENT'), to conduct himself in a 'MINISTERIAL FUNCTION', my motion was ignored, several of the defendants who did NOT have representation in court, should have had warrants issued on them, for they were NOT present NOR did they have lawyers incourt for them. I STILL haven't made it to the USSC yet. I submitted COPIES of my BRIEF, to the Illinois AG(Madigan), making her aware of the situation and requesting her to step in(which was her job at that point),and she ruled(on the BACK of the reply letter), a MISnomer, stating that, "because you were charged with BATTERY, 50% of your winnings, will be deducted". NOTE: Madigan got mad(I believe), that I pushed for her to act as AG and because I filed a 'MOTION', for ALL of the filings surrounding that case, be 'CONSOLIDATED', which made her NOT be able to seperate 'Crimes Victims Compensation', for the ENTIRE law civil suit, for it's for 5.93M, for I have been left with a DAMAGED nerve to my RIGHT 5th Phalanges;I also motioned for FUTURE damages! NOTE: I filed for a NEW judge and it was DENIED, PLUS, I had another case against "atty". Blake Horwitz going on at the SAME time and upon I going to the Federal building to be appointed counsel(for I filed INDIGENT), on the day of THAT appointment, I was SUPPRISED with a FINAL decision, that the other case, was DISMISSED, about (6) month prior and I was NOT notified properly of that, causing the 'Statue of Limitation' to run. NOTE: In the Horwitz case, the Appellate judge and the "TRIAL"(sham), judge(Joseph D. Gillespie;room 1108), were in on it together, to allow Horwitz to NOT be held accountable for MISCONDUCTS as a certified CPA;steal my money that he was paid to represent a lovedone, in a 'Human Rights' ABUSE case, which Horwitz used information to make himself appear that he earned the money, when BY STATE STATUE, the ONLY reason he was allowed to use that information, was ONLY to HELP his client, meaning he VIOLATED that law as well and when I pointed that our(by statue in my BRIEF;ALL points submitted, were with proper statues), the ARDC COVERED for him(in that 'MOTION' I filed against him with them), stating that, "because Horwitz has never been prosecuted before, he won't be this time either", which is NOT a reason for NOT prosecuting an atty., OR anyone else, because perhaps my time, was the first time someone had the courage to confront him about his MISCONDUCT, for I've learned that Horwitz, has messed other families, out of money that was paid to him to represent them and their lovedones! His assistant(Erica Faaborg), is so STUPID, that she first LIED on an operator(in an e-mail;also submitted in my BRIEF), saying in the e-mail that, "I tried to contact you last month, but the operator said that your number, had been DISconnected", then LISTED my number IN the e-mail. She didn't even have enough intelligence about herself to CHANGE one or two, of the numbers in my phone number. I STILL(this 03.18.2013), have the EXACT SAME phone number. NOTE: Chicago courts and attornies, are LOOSING it, because WE, are taking time to TALK WITH eachother and settle differences, instead of AT eachother. SO MUCH, MORE, is accomplished, this way people. Don't you think?

Posted by ELois Poole-Clayton on 03/18/2013 at 2:50 PM

Re: “A Convict's Odyssey

TODAY, (12.12.2012), ANOTHER phone conference(TPR), will take place with I and David's "treatment team"(witch includes his "SW", Travis Nottmier, who has been CAUGHT CHANGING the DATES of an altercation David had with GUARD named (ALVIN)(by NO fault of David's).
Since it was CONFIRMED on 04.02.2012, that "David is on the LIST to be TRANSFERRED OUT of CMHC";said by "Dr." Debra Ferguson, his "SW" Nottmier, has done NOTHING, but go along with MORE LIES concocted on David;even LIED CHANGING the NAME of the person who supposedly performed this "evaluation", that warranted David to be there, until '2013'(according to the letter we received EARLY ON, SHORTLY ATER it was confirmed about his TRANSFER OUT of CMHC, from Dr. Ferguson).
SINCE 04.02.2012, all CMHC has done, is LIE and use those LIES to FILL IN the TIME between the confirmation by Dr. Ferguson & Elgin, whom I spoke with and got THEIR confirmation the SAME week Dr. Ferguson confirmed that, "David is doing very well".
ATTN: I have filed SEVERAL WRITTEN COMPLAINTS (on David's behalf), within the last week and 1/2, ;ALL MAILED and adressed ATTN:, to the (now) HEAD of Administration(Brian Thomas). I've mailed these complaint FORMS(filled out), to Brian Thomas, asking him to FORWARD copies to DHS, EFE and the Guardianship Advocacy, because I want them to KNOW, that Brian Thomas has KNOWLEDGE of these complaints!
David has been paid VISITS by EFE and the "OIG";CMHC OIG(which has NOT done ANYTHING to HELP, for ALL of our complaints(with INJURIES done to him/MEDICAL RECORDS of him being treated for rape and him, stating to us(his family), that he can IDENTIFY some of the guards who has ABUSED him) and the Guardianship Advocacy people, for, THIS WAY, NONE, will be able to say that they didn't hae KNOWLEDGE of these RECENT complaints(since on the SECOND FORM of the complaint forms, they state that "if you want CLARIFICATION" of THEIR replies(which is "UNFOUNDED" LIES), (you can do so within (15) DAYS", which I have REQUESTED this CLARIFICATION, including during another complaint I was forced to file on CHRIS ROBERTS(guard who has CONSTANTLY assaulted David and FALSELY wrote David up for DEFENDING himself, for Chris' ILL/BAD behavior towards David).
AS WE SPEAK(this 12th day of Dec., 2012), Roberts has THREATENED(again), to "go into the federal courts and file a complaint on you and BOTH of your sisters, for so many complaints ya'll have filed on I", THEN AGAIN assaulting David(pushing him and FORCING PRN psych pills on him, just last week)(saying that, "just for that, go to your room". "You can go to your room (STILL forcing this PSYCH pill on him) OR be put in RESTRAINTS", THEN, PUSHING him, saying, "hurry up to your room".
David PUSHED this VIOLENT guard Chris Roberts BACK and David was FALSELY blamed for Chris Roberts violent/DISrespectful behavior.
NOTE: THIS is probably what will be talked about at this afternoon's TPR at 1p.
WHENEVER I bring up what David has been FALSELY blamed for, this "psychiatrist" Dr. MARY HENNESIAN, has FALSELY accused I of, "not being able to consentrate on David's TPR)", because I REFUSE to allow her(OR any of the others), to use, REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY on I and blame I, David OR our sister for THEIR LIES and MISconduct!
David has stated to I AGAIN(just last week), that, "the STA's, won't allow him to watch a card game(STA's say, "I'm Chris Roberts friend". "Chris don't want you standing around the table".
This is ANOTHER METHOD they use to try and JUSTIFY the PSYCH drugs (medicare/caid FRAUD), they've been FORCING on him, for Anti-Social behavior).
HOW, can you label him as Anti-Social, when he tried(and still does), for YEARS to talk with (X Unit Dir. Roy Evans), and others who work there, and is ALWAYS told, "I ain't got time to talk to you?", as Travis Nottmier LIED when the "Psychiatrist"("Dr." SAM), who went into the courts and assisted at getting David RAILROADED to CMHC(maximum), FROM ELGIN(medium)(where he was sentenced to), JUST AS NOTTMIER(since he's been at CMHC, has gone into the courts, to get a CONTINUOUS ORDER for him to be given MORE psych drugs(BEHIND HIS BACK)!
NOTE: This "evaluation" that was supposedly recently done), the METHOD used, was ILLEGAL, for David wasn't allowed to have FAMILY PRESENT, for this "evaluation", which the NAMES were CHANGED TWICE, by "SW", Travis Nottmier!
ATTN: WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE NOTIFIED OF IT AND BE PRESENT FOR IT AND NEITHER, WERE WE INFORMED OF(Chester claiming that, "David is an adult and didn't have to inform anyone about it".
ATTN: David would NEVER(repeat;NEVER), NOT want us(his family), to KNOW about WHATEVER happens concerning him, SOOOOOOOOOOO/THEREFORE, that's ANOTHER LIE(COVERUP), that has been demonstrated by Chester MHC!
I can be contacted(by journalist DIANE SAWYER, who ALREADY have possesion of some of these PROOFS(including medical records of David injuries), at ANYTIME, at (773)622-2906, for a FULL INTERVIEW, to discuss these atrocities that has been happening to my brother(by CMHC admins. and such).!
These ABUSES/'Human Rights' violations that has happen to Mr. Clements and others, are NO different than what has happen to David, other than the fact that David's troubles is STILL happening at Chester MHC, in Chester, Illinois!
ATTN: Statue 405 of the DISABILITIES CODE, PROHIBITS ABUSE of ANY KIND and CMHC, has VIOLATED this code, for YEARS, against David(and I'm sure other patients at CMHC)!
Thank you.

Mrs. E.P.Clayton(sister of David P.)

PS: You can find David's story of ABUSES, if you type in Chester Mental Health Center.
PPS: We(David's family), is PLEADING for people(News people) to HELP us retain a RALLY, IN FRONT of Chester Mental Health Center, to EXPOSE these ABUSES, to receive justice for David!
Thank you.
Mrs. E.P.Clayton(sister of David P.)

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Posted by ELois Poole-Clayton on 12/12/2012 at 11:37 AM

Re: “A Convict's Odyssey

On 04-02-2012, it was CONFIRMED, by a Dr. Debra Ferguson(160 N. LaSalle St., 10th Fl., here in Chicago), that she SAW David(FOR HER SELF) and that "I have good news for you".(my sister and I met with her on this day, in her Chicago office). She stated to us that, "David has been put on the LIST (again, we've heard this, back in '2006'), to be TRANSFERRED OUT of Chester(maximum), to Elgin(medium) and I'll see that NOTHING will go wrong with his transfer OUT of CMHC".

This statement was made because of the MANY LIES and concocted "incidences"(as rodneyyoder.com calls them(he was also subjected to these sort of abuses while he was a patient at CMHC;released in '2005'), that has been orchestrated EITHER, by guards(such as Chris Roberts who threatened our lives, threatened to have David transferred to Unit B3 and beaten with a CHAIR, as another patient has experienced and have David's eye put out). Roberts has caused great stress on David AND his family, causing us to worry about him, when CMHC, is a hospital, where patients are suppose to be treated to get better, NOT abused, making matters worse, then blame because of employees(state of ILLINOIS) behaviors towards them,;using abusing them as a method to justify FORCED psyche drugs and using patients to justify/pasify their OWN perverted ways.

NOTE: Some time later, David was assaulted with a CHAIR and BLAMED for this harrassment/assault because he DEFENDED himself.

NOTE: instigating fights(asking David and others, as they asked YODER, if they want to fight other patients/inmates), is one of the methods CMHC guards uses to concoct incidences, to gain RED LEVEL writeups(false reports the treatment team write in their CHARTS).

Also, this Dr. Debra Ferguson(on LaSalle St.) and this Dr. Brazil Sawyer, (BOTH) claim to have the superiority OVER "ALL" the employees at CMHC.

Dr. Sawyer, has attempted to BRAINWASH David into believing that we(his family), is trying to "control" him, by asking him, "do you want your family to control you"? She's not explaining to him that what we're doing is to HELP him. She knows that once we gain POA(which is what Dr. MV REDDY and the others are trying to stop), CMHC/admin. and 'treatment' team, will NOT be able to keep getting away with the FORCED DRUGS and assaults they have been massing for years.

We were told that our WRITTEN complaints on the culprits, are of NO good, until we gain POA.

We have had David's wellbeing character, confirmed ALSO, by an employee at CMHC(Mr. Scott Rhine), who has confirmed to I(by phone), that he has played pool with David and has spoken with him IN LENGTH, (for years) and CONFIRMS, that "David is NOT, a troublemaker".

His (now) "psychiatrist"(Dr. Mary Hennesian), has exposed her position in trying NOT to help get David OFF of psyche drugs, for she stated to my sister that, "I'm not going to take David off all those psyche drugs".

On several occasions, David has stated to I that, "sister, all I'm taking now, is tylenol, if I have a headache" AND he has stated to I that he has asked RN Donna, "do I have to take a liquid PRN today" and she replied, "I have to wait and see". This RN Donna, ALSO, stated to David(when David is asking for something he needs), "I'm Chris Roberts friend". "I don't give a damn about your family".

David's SW(Travis Nottmiar, in April, 2011), ALTERED the dates on an altercation David had with a guard named 'ALVIN', because David spoke up/stood up, for himself from one of Alvins attacks(verbal;called David obscene names;disrespectful names), on him.

Nottmier, CHANGED the dates, from the 11th and 12th of April(2011) to the 13th and 14th, because the 13th, was on a Sunday and Alvin was NOT working that Sunday, to try and make it appear that David made it UP, THEN, he ordered the guards to not let him up until the night of the 12th(Saturday), until 9p! Nottmier THEN, FALSEFIED this LIE on David, in his CHART/monthly report;working on a way to prolong his transfer OUT of CMHC(concocted incident, as usual), because David has done NOTHING but what I(his family who loves him and know HOW, to PROVE, that it's CMHC employees NOT David, who's LIEING and FALSIFYING reports on David), that have DOCUMENTED MEDICAL RECORDS/ LETTERS to PROVE LIES told on him/NOTES I keep count of by calendar AND PHOTOS of INJURIES caused by guards and other inmate/patients who has been instigated /provoked OR promised 'treats', to start fights with David and other patients.

We have contacted Chester PD/Illinois state TROOPERS and have been told that, "Chester take care of their OWN problems"/DENYING David his RIGHT, to press charges against these individuals.

NOTE: David NOR any of his family(OR ever will), has given ANYONE, permission to file suit on David behalf, surrounding Davids'' situation;not yet!

Our visits has been ILLEGALLY stopped by (Michelle Saddler;Quinn's X Chief of staff, who was sent BACK to act as DHS, Secretary, where she were before Quinn gave her the position of his Chief of staff), because we file WRITTEN COMPLAINTS with DHS, whenever need be;when David is assaulted and has to DEFEND himself, as he did when a patient, Timothy Richardson assaulted him for NO reason and as he had to DEFEND himself when inmate/patient Darnell Tucker, who stabbed him in his neck with a pencil. Even this 2012, PLOTS, are instigated to start fights, with David, but he will ALWAYS DEFEND himself, from WHOMEVER need be, for he has a RIGHT, NOT to be assaulted/harrassed or anything of the sort!

After this defense from Tucker, David was assaulted AGAIN, by Tucker and charge aide (Antoinette) saw it, for David asked her, " if something happen, you can be a witness to it" and she were, YET, when I filed a complaint (ON DAVIDS BEHALF), the results FALSELY came back marked, "UNFOUNDED", as alll other complaints FALSELY return back to David and us.

David was simply standing;viewing the LUNCH menu, for that day, when Tucker assaulted him, YET David was put down from GREEN LEVEL(good), to RED LEVEL(bad), because of Tuckers ill behavior towards David.

We(Davids' family), is STILL seeking HELP/a 'Human Rights' atty., to represent David.

We have been SCAMMED by an "atty" Blake Horwitz(and his asst., Erica Faaborg) and another 'atty' in Arkansas(Robert Earl White(whom I met through another scam person(a "pastor" Roy Allen of 'Glory to Glory Ministeries', during a Saturday service at RAINBOW PUSH.

This Roy Allen PREY, on church people, for many have children/grandchildren and such, incarcerated, for many are vulnerable just because of the situations their lovedones are in;some because of their OWN behavior;some because of being BULLIED(as our David has been) and some because they have been abused by so-called lovedones and isn't taking it anymore;also by the CORRUPT courts, who's goal is to enhance this 'prison industry', as what happen to Mr. Mark Clements.

PLEASE SEND HELP, is the same message rodneyyoder.com sent, in his quest to be freed from CMHC and their FORCING of PSYCHOTROPIC drugs and we(David's family), is sending the SAME message for David.

We are concerned for his health(liver) and his COGNITIVE abilities that appears to be deterioating, this 2012.

THANKFULLY, I KNOW, to get the MOST important questions answered FIRST, when I speak with him, (for documentation;proofs for him), , for those PSYCHE drugs, will render a person unable to remember they've been raped and will render them unable to rememebr NAMES of guards(especially with them using middle/nicknames/and wearing their BADGES turned around so that the patients won't know their names.

He's being HARRASSED, while speaking on the phone with his family, which is ALSO, illegal, for he is NOT a terrorist! NOTE: Patient's BLUE HANDBOOK.

I've experienced guards REFUSING to tell I their names, when I visited David, for in most cases, they are guards who's involved in ABUSING patients at CMHC, along WITH (X) Head admin., Patricia Kelley-Mosbacher(covering for guards), who has stated to I(something that even I KNOW , is STILL, NOT, permitted), that, "any sex a patient have, is consentual";patient-to-patient OR patient-to-staff, is NOT(NOT), permissable, (BY LAW)!

Guards turn their bagdes AROUND, so patients/visitors, can't see their names. Some even REFUSE to tell visitors(patients family visitors), their names, out of them knowing WHO to file a complaint on(if need be).


I can be contacted at (773)622-2906, at ANY time.

Thank you.

PS: I have a link where you can speak on this subject;sign a PETITION on David's behalf.

http://signon.org/cover-up--ofabuses-on ?source=c.url&r by=4632116


Mrs. ELois P. Clayton(sis. of David)

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Posted by ELois Poole-Clayton on 08/20/2012 at 10:05 AM

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