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Eating Buccaneers

A light plane carrying four advertising execs and their client crash-lands in a Canadian forest, leaving the passengers stranded with no food but a sample box of the client's ?Buccaneer? chocolate bars. Bill Keenan, who wrote and directed this low-budget indie comedy, telegraphs every joke from the next solar system, and the characters are egregiously stereotyped. The cast members probably shouldn't be held to account for this dud, but Leah Pinsent is particularly annoying as the agency's new age art director. 128 min.



  • Bill Keenan


  • Peter Keleghan
  • Shannon Beckner
  • Neil Crone
  • Leah Pinsent
  • Steven McCarthy
  • Jeff White


  • Bill Keenan


  • Jennifer Mesich
  • Mark Montefiore

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