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To the editors:

There is an unresolved anger in Laurel DiGangi's article [Home Delivery, September 1], from start to finish. Why, she never says. But at what, she makes obvious.

She presents us with a cast of seven in her dark little melodrama. On one side of the conflict are three females: DiGangi herself, a tightly-wound bundle of angst, bewilderment and naive determination--a militant throwback to the late sixties, when certain types of women got together to play with each other's pussies in the name of women's liberation; the expectant mother, described only as having "downright sweetness and genuine curiousity" and seeming "to possess a spiritual superiority"; and the expectant mother's infant daugher, painted by DiGangi to seem like a lethargic little victim-in-waiting.

Is this starting to sound familiar? Has anybody heard this song before? Can you guess the next paragraph?

On the other side, four males: a crass cabdriver whose sole function is to signal DiGangi's descent into a male-dominated hell (perhaps she saw but just forgot to mention the sign on his door which said, "Abandon all hope ye who enter here"); an indifferent, seemingly unplugged, doctor; an ineffectual, rather stupid husband; and a dream-generated spectre of the pregnant woman's cruel father, who once "forced" her to drink a shot of booze.

If this is how DiGangi is determined to view any learning experience she thrusts her ill-prepared self headlong into, she needn't bother; anyone who read her article can tell her beforehand what sort of "truth" she will "experience" afterwards: (yawn) men are just no goddamned good.

The "truth" she seeks is nothing more than validation of her own hardened prejudice--that there is only one kind of female, a victim, and only two kinds of males, the dinosaur, who must be crushed at any cost, and the sensitive new-age guy, useful only as breeder and whipping boy.

DiGangi does not mention whether or not she is mated, but she does say she is 36 and childless.

To which I can only add; so far, so good.

Harold G. Hofstetter

W. Belmont


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