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Dempsey's Strange Silence 

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In response to "Stacks Under Attack," September 7, 2001.

An Open Letter to Mayor Daley

I am a longtime user of the Chicago Public Library system, including branch libraries, the Harold Washington central library, and especially the Sulzer Regional Library in my neighborhood.

So I've been closely following in both Inside and now the Reader the current controversy concerning the weeding/purging of books from Sulzer.

I find it telling that while Ron Roenigk, Friends of Sulzer, and the librarians themselves are focusing on books and readers, Mary Dempsey's no-comment-style stance evades the issue, the media, and the public (payers of her salary); she sounds not like a library professional but rather a politician.

What does this tell you, Mr. Mayor, about whose motives more closely represent those of the people of Chicago?

Randy Guy

W. Leland

PS: Today--before I read the article in the Reader--I happened to visit Sulzer. The shelves were noticeably depleted, and I found myself checking out books solely because I feared I might not find them there next time.


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