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Demoniac Madmen 

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I must strongly object to the rosy picture of anarchists presented in your issue of 3 July. They are most assuredly not a crew of swell fellows who like to picnic in the park, communing with nature in the sylvan glen: they are a pack of demoniac madmen bent on the obliteration of everything that makes life civilized and worthwhile.

Have you forgotten that it was a mad-dog anarchist that killed our President McKinley? Let me remind you also of the wave of bloodthirsty anarchist terror bombings and senseless assassinations that swept Europe at the close of the last century, that the syndicalist movement was sabotaged by sociopath anarchists from day one, or that Franco triumphed in Spain because godless anarchists undermined the loyalist effort with their internecine squabbling while they alienated the Spanish people with their horrific slaughter of priests and nuns.

For that matter virtually every agent provocateur, Manchurian candidate, skyjacker, and homicidal maniac (from the Marquis de Sade to Charles Manson) has hidden behind the pseudophilosophical label of "anarchist."

Every period of history in which anarchy has prevailed has been a time of lawlessness, famine, rapine, and pestilence, with civilization vandalized, epidemics rife, brigands swarming over the countryside, the populace terrorized by marauding private armies in the service of the rich, and a complete breakdown of postal service!

Portraying anarchists as innocuous gadflies is about on par with pointing up Hitler's vegetarianism without mentioning his program of genocide and imperialism. For behind the fine words of these anarchist scoundrels lays the bloody and mutilated corpse of our martyred President McKinley, as well as myriads of other victims.

R.M. Schultz

W. Delaware


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