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Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

@DumbSnowGuy: Your reading comprehension rivals Carno's. I'm out of here. Neither one of you grasps the rudiments of logic and it's obviously senseless to keep discussing.

@brenda lee: If I may share my advice, save your keystrokes. The brick wall doesn't get any softer. Carno specializes in false statements such as the one she made about Beau. She never retracts them when presented with the truth; she just regurgitates more inane comments about other facets of David's personal life. We're supposed to conclude that David is evil because he moved to Florida with his wife while his mother was on the West Coast. Evil incarnate, don't you see? Carno says he lies about his relationship with Katie. I've yet to read this. He doesn't sugar coat their strained relationship in his second book and prior to that, he kept mum on it. That's not lying. That's not sharing private information.

It IS a shame that people pay good money to see David Cassidy and are cheated out of an enjoyable show because his personal demons seem to have gotten the better of him. However, intelligent dissatisfied fans bitch about it on the internet (or request a refund from the venue operators), reporting the reasons why the show was sub-par. They might also clamor for his retirement or a proper apology from him or his inept publicist (that'll be a cold day in hell). These are valid and respectable reactions. Trashing his character with distorted facts isn't.

Why Carno fancies herself the Ralph Nader of disgruntled David Cassidy fans is beyond me. (Like Robbthefrog, I have to conclude that David must have hurt her weetle feelings at one point. Maybe she's that showgirl who was in love with Jack Cassidy and also slept with David? Perhaps her décolleté didn't impress David enough for him to keep her around?) I certainly don't need an anonymous Internet troll disguising her droppings as a public service to tell me his shows disappoint or that he acts like a jackass towards his fans.

Posted by DeeDee on 11/27/2010 at 12:39 AM

Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

@DumbSnowGuy, I did see where Carno says she (yes, "she" not "he" - she revealed her gender on another forum) knows people who know David. Good for her if she can trust these people to say the truth. I, for one, am suspicious of third hand information that I can't prove. That said, there's probably a big ol' grain of truth in what she says about him. My point is: what does is matter? Knowing he has personal problems isn't going to taint my enjoyment of his talent. It's what he does with his talent that will affect it.

I recall the People interview in which both David and Katie said their relationship was more friend-like than father-daughter. (I also recall blogging about one of his comments in that interview that I found to be in bad taste.) My point is: why should I care how he interacts with his daughter?

Here's a fictional scenario as an analogy: my job evaluation is coming up. Unfortunately, my home life is a mess and it's affected my work. Does my employer need to know that I'm estranged from my mother or should the fact that I come in late every morning and botch my reports suffice for her to evaluate my performance? Let's say I explain my sub-par performance by telling her about my strained relationship with my mother. She may sympathize or she may not but would she call my clients to tell them I'm an ungrateful daughter who's messed up her relationship with her mother?

Please do not include me among those who "don't want to hear or read about what David is really like... " and say "I defend him". I blogged about him for a year and trust me, my posts were not all favorable. I have a very realistic view of the man and his career. He's hardly perfect but that doesn't warrant a smear campaign the likes Carno is championing.

I'm countering Carno's arguments because they're illogical. She deplores Cassidy's half-truths in his book yet advances the same about him. This isn't the first place she's done it and it's not the first time I've challenged her arguments or her reasons. She never comes back with logical arguments - only the same gripes about the man spun a different way or worse, tidbits of unrelated information.

Her incessant crusade to reveal him as the most fraudulent and immoral entertainer out there is just plain odd. I don't understand why she cares so much.

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Posted by DeeDee on 11/26/2010 at 11:06 AM

Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

@Carno, I do not disagree with you that David's poor performances stem from a substance dependency or abuse. I suspected as much in February when I blogged about it and expressed my dismay at his diehard fans' lack of concern. I am the last person to suggest his fans should enable him!

He is fighting the drunk driving charge because, like most alcoholics I've known, he cannot admit to being drunk. In his mind, a glass of wine and a painkiller don't impair his faculties. He's not lying when he says he wasn't driving under the influence; he believes it to be true. Some alcoholics could be falling down drunk and deny their inebriety until they pass out.

You write about his fans: "they have a right to know what his problems are before he kills somebody." Huh? How will fans' knowledge of his problems prevent him from killing someone? Your statement makes no sense. One has no bearing on the other.

About Jack leaving David when he was young, you state that show business forces you to "take a job that takes you away from family." Need I add "and into the arms of another woman"?

Because I do not believe Jack was very supportive of David does not mean I believe "David is a self-made man who did it on his own." No one could succeed in show business without any support. David had plenty of support from OTHERS.

You write "stop saying about the book David wrote." Stop saying what? You go on to state that he "couldn't read a book, much less write one." Not the most mature comment you could make. First of all, it's false. I have recorded proof that he reads books and does it very well, thank you very much. Second of all, what does it have to do with his performances? Who cares if he didn't write every word of those two autobiographies?

About those Amazon reviews you shared: you didn't credit nor quote the reviewers. You inserted the reviews of David's second book in your comment as if you'd written them yourself. You think his book was crap? Fine. What does it matter? There are plenty of autobiographies out there filled with half-truths and exaggerations. Are you planning on exposing them all?

Why do you say he "exploited his relationship with his daughter with the Ruby show?" A lot of creative efforts are inspired by real-life events. How is it exploitation?

You claim that "David was not yet divorce from his 2nd wife and when Katie was born he was on to Sue. David tried to deny paternity to her and then rarely saw her. That should be known." I disagree. Why should that be known? His personal life is his business. It has no bearing on my appreciation of his talent.

In an earlier post, you say that David is an emotionally disturbed being. If so, he needs help. Where's your empathy? Or at the very least, your sympathy? Same thing if he's a raging alcoholic as you say he is.

I don't understand your persistence in dragging David Cassidy's character through the mud. You bring up third hand anecdotes, drudge up thirty-year old interviews and twist the facts of his life to suit your vision of him as a despicable human being. Why? It smacks of a personal vendetta.

Are you trying to save David Cassidy's diehard fans from their misguided idolization of him? I've news for you. Any idolization of a celebrity is misguided and today, his diehard fans probably number less than a thousand. The rest of his fans realize he's a flawed human being and hope he gets the help he needs. If the tabloids didn't cover more of his DUI, it's because most people don't care. And while his autobiographies might have fudged the truth, they helped knock him off from the demi-god pedestal his fans put him on during his heyday.

Whether you are making stuff up about him or not is beside the point. My question to you is, once again, WHY are you doing this? You say he has hurt fans. Yeah, so? Why are you making it your mission to spread the word? You were never a fan of his so I don't understand why you care so much how his fans perceive him.

Your arguments remind me of those blown up Weeble toys. No matter how often we hit them, they keep wobbling back in our face with the same empty expression.

I should have heeded Robbthefrog's wise advice and continued to ignore you. Or just posted "ditto" to his eloquent posts and saved myself time.

Posted by DeeDee on 11/25/2010 at 9:14 PM

Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

Carno, just wanted to retract my "get a life" comment relating to how you spend your time. It was not only rude but irrelevant. Please accept my apologies.

Posted by DeeDee on 11/24/2010 at 4:54 PM

Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

Carno, why do you care so much about revealing David Cassidy's faults to his fans? If anyone is demonizing anybody, it's you. You are demonizing David and your arguments are inane.

You bring up a thirty-one year old quote from Shaun Cassidy appreciating his parents. Who cares? What does this have to do with David? You can't seem to grasp that Jack Cassidy did not parent David the same way he parented the three kids he had with Shirley Jones. Do you sincerely believe that Jack Cassidy put David first when he left three-year old David and his mother in New York to start a new life with Shirley Jones on the West Coast? Or when he admitted to his first born that he'd divorced his mother two years prior?

You state that "David Barely garduated from high school and yet Jack got him into a very good acting school (Phillip Burton, mentor to Richard Burton) and gave David his agent." Yes, so what? Did the acting school accept only high school graduates? David didn't barely graduate from high school. He did or he didn't. Jack didn't "give David his agent". He suggested that David take Ruth Aarons' advice and she decided to take him on as a client. Are these two statements proof of Jack Cassidy's support to his son? What about all the dismissive things he said about David's career and fame later on?

Another beef you have with David is that he needs the help of his family to work. The Cassidys are a talented family. If they chose to work together, that says more about their respect for each other's talent than anything else, imo. I doubt that the producers would have pulled David from Blood Brothers had Shaun refused to sign on. They didn't pull him out when Shaun declined to tour with the company after Broadway. Plenty of people work with relatives. Doesn't mean they couldn't find work otherwise. You mention Shirley allowing David to be to cast on The Partridge Family. Do you think she was doing him a favor? As if he wouldn't have found work otherwise? He already had a slew of TV credits to his name. That show needed him a lot more than he needed that show. He might not have had a high profile career without it but he's said more than once that it wasn't his goal at the time.

You keep repeating that David is ungrateful towards his family. I've yet to read anything that supports this and I'm willing to bet that I've read pretty much everything online about David Cassidy.

You're a diehard Jack Cassidy fan. You make that abundantly clear at the slightest opportunity. You'll never forgive David for writing about his father in a less than flattering light. I get that. Problem is, David wrote about his experience and his feelings. You can't contradict him because you haven't walked in his shoes, don't know all the facts, don't know the family personally and don't have the professional qualifications to discuss someone's psychological issues (if you did, you wouldn't do it in this fashion). David has often expressed gratitude towards Jack Cassidy. While he's divulged his father's failings, he's also said that he now understands his father and has forgiven him.

Seriously, with all that's wrong in today's world, you choose to spend your time trolling internet discussions about David Cassidy to expose him as a world class jerk? In the words of David Cassidy, get a life.

Why don't YOU write an unauthorized biography on Demon David? Or perhaps write a biography on Jack Cassidy? Here's another idea, blog to rave about Jack Cassidy. Costs nothing and might assuage your frustration he's under-appreciated.

If fans are to be disillusioned with David Cassidy, let it be for the right reasons: the declining quality of his performances and his disrespect towards his fans, not anonymous half-truths and libel found on the web.

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Posted by DeeDee on 11/24/2010 at 4:09 PM

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