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Re: “The indictment of Barbara Byrd-Bennett—Mayor Rahm's front woman at CPS

Now, Rahm is claiming in the… Suntimes that his staff asked "hard questions"... yeah? What kind of hard questions? "Can I get some too?" is that the type of hard question they asked? They sure didn't persevere, because parents who merely did a GOOGLE search were complaining within minutes of the announcement of the SUPES contract.

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Posted by Debra Dit on 10/12/2015 at 3:29 PM

Re: “It's time Mayor Rahm treated teachers like they were police officers or firefighters

Illinois Principal Association just reported that there is currently more demand for teachers than there is supply....

Tony Lamantia, Charter School salaries are lower than the salary you make as a secretary, and the hours are longer, the work more difficult. Working conditions in Charter Schools are so poor that the Charter School teachers are Unionizing as fast as they can.

If the Charter Schools are successful in warding off Unions, their next issue will be how to find and keep teachers in a society where women can get jobs that pay well. They will have to choose between profit and education... since we know that they will choose profit, they will do the same thing as Charter Operators across the US. They will close down, leaving nothing behind, students in the lurch, and taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars to rebuild the school system that was sacrificed on the altar of greed.

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Posted by Debra Dit on 06/29/2015 at 10:44 AM

Re: “Mayor Rahm polishes Rauner's apple by bashing teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week... announce that you don't value teachers.
World Autism Day... announce that you are cutting funds for individuals with autism. (Rauner).
Good Friday... announce that you are cutting services to the poor and mentally ill (Rauner).
Maybe, In Illinois, we need a world Bankers Day so that Rauner or Rahm can treat bankers like they do teachers, the poor, and the disabled.
Hell, let's get a day for criminals too....

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Posted by Debra Dit on 05/08/2015 at 5:43 AM

Re: “Can Chuy beat Rahm in the runoff?

First of all. TWO SCHOOLS for children with disabilities were closed because they didn't have 30 kids per class. Since the maximum legal class size is much closer to SIX than to thirty... Draw your own conclusions.

Now, because of past discrimination, kids with disabilities are protected by Federal Law. Think Lawsuit.

Because Rahm is encouraging age discrimination, we have two problems... Inexperienced teachers who catch their students on fire (two incidents in one year made the SunTimes and Tribune), thus causing lawsuits.... and poor classroom management by novices who have not yet learned their craft. Oh, and think Lawsuit....

The Tribune noted that Rahm's donors were engaged in pay to play.... think lawsuit...

Interesting that Jesse Ruiz is a Lawyer... hmmmm never made that connection.... maybe all those lawsuits are not accidental after all.

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Posted by Debra Dit on 02/27/2015 at 7:57 PM

Re: “The mayoral runoff is going to be a shitstorm

In answer to the question: Are we better off --Last night at the ISBE meeting, an official at ISBE noted that the students from the 49 closed schools were "damaged" by the school closings. So, no, all of those families are not better off, and anyone who is affected by increased crime as a result of that trauma is not better off.

The two fantastic schools for kids with autism. Those kids, teachers and families are not better off... and when we start paying $60,000 per year per child (because those parents WILL win their Lawsuits) Chicagoans will not be better off.

The two students from LP who were burnt because their inexperienced teacher thought that pouring methanol onto a flame was a good idea, they are not better off... and the teacher who would have mentored them, had that teacher not been "too expensive" wasn't there to advise the teacher that methanol was dangerous.

The two students at NorthSide Prep who were harmed when an inexperienced teacher thought that Bunsen Burners were appropriate for making hot chocolate...they aren't better off.

The students who have no teacher at all because of per-pupil budgets,... they are not better off.

The people who are getting red-light tickets for trying to go through an intersection safely with shortened yellow lights.... they are not better off.

The shoppers who now have to pay for parking for EXTENDED HOURS ON SUNDAY AND SATURDAY because of Rahm's "deal"... they are not better off.

The businesses who are not getting business because of the extended parking hours,... they are not better off.

The people who are getting tickets for driving 21 miles per hour in front of a school... they are not better off.

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Posted by Debra Dit on 02/26/2015 at 6:11 AM

Re: “An editorial endorsement for . . . anyone but Rahm!

You can't deny his clout... that, I agree with.

It is kind of cowardly to go with "anyone but Rahm" though....

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Posted by Debra Dit on 02/11/2015 at 5:10 PM

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