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Re: “Dawn of the deal

1) I am a 46th Ward registered voter who attended Dec. 05, 2011's meeting at "Temple Sholom" re: Maryville/Clarendon datum.
2) I am a non-practicing Psychiatrist (James Cappleman's a non-practicing Social Worker to my knowledge of his identity; non-practicing?).
3) As a correction to Alderman Cappleman's "mentally ill" statement, the "mentally ill" aren't the ones in the corrections' facilities; the institutionalized inmates at the jails/penitentiaries of the "mentally ill" variety are the "criminally mentally ill" variety, a different type of human being than the "mentally ill" of society.
4) Modern Psychiatry developed from Neurology about 150 years ago in an attempt to comprehend Neurology utilizing a method different to the Medical methods of the time; Modern Psychiatry exists as a "sister" (even an "offspring") to Neurology, involving various concepts/truths unknown to the classically trained Neurologist who deals with lesions treatable with specific medications/surgeries, also seeing more patients per hour than the Psychiatrist as the patients' illnesses are more easily comprehended as treatable with specific treatment protocols well-known to the Neurologist (also an M.D. defined human being).
5) Modern Psychiatry deals with Neurological illnesses just like classical Neurology, except the "psychiatric illnesses" haven't yet been identified to have specific treatable lesions (they are at times as yet "undiscovered" lesions versus "total body problems" identified with stresses destroying the entire body/brain simultaneously); they tend to be of greater percentages of the body's tissue (classically called "a nervous breakdown" type of illness).
6) The Old Testatment/The Torah Psalm 51 examples the "guilt" of an illicit sexual encounter with Israel's King David thousands of years ago, creating a massive "depression" in the King's life; also exposed by his son (as I recall the identity) Nathan the Prophet, involving Bathsheba as well as her Hittite husband fighting for the Israelites at the time (who was essentially murdered at the King's command so the King's illicit sexual affair with Bathsheba wouldn't become known, also involving the ultimate death of the child parented by both Bathsheba/King David early in the child's life, described as "God's Judgement" on the two of themselves); by Modern Medicine's standards of practice, perhaps the child wouldn't have died prematurely?
7) Psalm 51's a typical "Major Depression" type of experience involving the massive guilt afflicting the King, as related to the exposure of the "sin" of "murder of 'Uriah the Hittite'" as well as the "adultery of Bathsheba/King David," followed by King David's confession/repentance of the referenced "sins," (considered "legally" even these days as a type of "crime").
8) Most "mentally ill" people aren't interested in causing trouble, it's the "criminally mentally ill" who cause trouble.
9) Other people treated by Psychiatrists are "neurologically injured" people who aren't mentally ill, instead have developed some sort of injury for any number of reasons within their brains [quite possibly through "toxicity" of any number of varieties, e.g., "illicit drug use," as well as "nutritional/physical fitness" deprivations as well as "actual poisings" by people desirous of "eliminating the competition" of the injured, at times poisoned human being; always with criminal motives, e.g., obtaining Last Will Documents' testate (even non-testate) property unlawfully]. 10) Please be aware of these differences as linked to Alderman Cappleman's Social Work experience as compared to this letter's author's education/experience as a Psychiatrist, involving the term "mentally ill" people.
11) I don't believe Illinois' population (especially including "Law Enforcement Personnel" as well as the "Jurist Population") comprehend these distinguishing differences in the people termed "generically" as "the mentally ill" of society; to the detriment of "the Great State of Illinois."
12) Thank You for the opportunity to correct "an Alderman's Error" publically in this datum.
13) Please enjoy many wonderful days.
14) Good Day.
Sincerely, David Russell Jacobson (David R. Jacobson M.D. by 1982 "researched name's identity" as a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford).

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Posted by David Russell Jacobson on 12/08/2011 at 5:22 PM

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