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Re: “Critics say the O'Hare express train plan sucks. CrossRail could improve it.

They're conveniently overlooking the fact that if you live in Chicago and travel on business frequently it's highly unlikely that your destination or origin would be downtown. Business travelers do not go in to the office before or after a flight. More over, many these days work remote from home and just head to the airport from home.

Why can't they just fix what's broken with the current Metra setup? They need to extend the ATS all the way to the furthest economy lot (also the cell phone lot and where the Metra picks up/drops off). The Metra as-is to ORD is not a bad ride, but it's painful once you arrive at the airport and have to then take a bus to the airport transit system (...and it's just as painful if you're actually driving to the airport and parking in those lots). Why would they not fix this?

Why would they not focus on getting an E/W transit lateral from somewhere further north? It takes 3x as long to get to ORD from the north side as it should because of this incredibly stupid hub and spoke design. Fixing this would benefit FAR more people.

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Posted by danekan on 03/01/2016 at 12:12 AM

Re: “Save Cantina 1910 from ignorant Yelpers

And just How Much free food has this critic gotten from them?

Not all margaritas are "sugar bombs" -- though if say most in this city are bad and gross but that does not mean all are. Surely you know the difference between a margarita made with a nasty HFCS mix from a gallon jug and the real thing. Most on this city are not the real thing--why not point that out instead of insulting those who actually appreciate the difference? Frontera/Topolobamoo have a wide range of margaritas for all tastes. It sounds like the cocktail curator at this establishment was more concerned with being able to say their list didn't include a margarita. Frontera would just call that mescal cocktail a margarita. You'd also find such margaritas on menus in Mexico City. Problem solved. Maybe they missed out on the whole trend where people use margaritas as an excuse to meet up with their friends and go out and have a good time.

Andersonville itself is a changing neighborhood-- yes people are being priced out further north and north ... Which will always ruffle feathers. The same types of trendy shops that drove people to the neighborhood drive others out. There are still 100 unpretentious Mexican restaurants just a mile north of here on Clark in Rogers park.

Posted by danekan on 12/19/2015 at 7:11 AM

Re: “The politics of Chicago's potholes

I could give examples of pothole requests that were closed though without actually being filled. They say they're going to fill Jonquil soon, there have been dozens and dozens of requests closed with completed status, but the road looks like a 13 year old teenage boy's face. They say they're going to pave it, but when? It's been like this since... well, it was bad last fall still.. but then got worse over winter. The pothole requests went in as soon as the snow cleared but nothing has been done, and here we are in mid-August. They say they are going to repave when People's gas finishes their project, but as far as anyone knows that project is completed with the exception of some landscaping they missed. How many days does the asphalt mix they use take to fully cure? Usually more than 100. It's going to snow before it cures at this rate, and the first snow plow through will pull up the top layer in what we call potholes.

I hear a certain Alderman owns property on Jonquil. It does not seem that tattoo is helping much.

I wouldn't trust the count of their potholes for a variety of reasons, including those above. They leave the potholes unrepaired for months at a time and the same potholes get 20 requests at 5 different addresses, too, I wouldn't trust anyone to be consolidating the number to 1 properly.

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Posted by danekan on 08/14/2014 at 9:38 AM

Re: “The city's other weed problem

why isn't the name of this administrative judge being made public?

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Posted by danekan on 06/03/2013 at 10:59 PM

Re: “Mayor Emanuel's dumping ground?

Dear Mayor: you can't add more landfills until at least half the city can curb-side recycle. It's common sense.

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Posted by danekan on 05/21/2012 at 10:24 AM

Re: “The Long Middle Finger of the Law

i've read the city's parking ordinances and it says right in it that posted signs override all other matters. I would hope a lawyer could read the same ordinance, which is publicly available on the Internet.

Just like you can walk up to a meter at midnight and put coins in (where they exist), this doesn't override posted signs. he could've just as easily gone up to the receipt box and put money in to pay for himself until 5pm, but that doesn't mean parking at 4:30 would've been any less illegal since the posted signs say it's prohibited.

As far as the two "policies" being conflicted, isn't every parking meter in America set up the same way? Are there any parking meters that reject coins if you put coins into them after hours?

The ordinance on parking meters says that the meters are in effect except if other signs prohibit 9-64-206 " (f) The time limits set forth above shall not replace any other more restrictive parking or standing restrictions and do not relieve a person from the duty to observe other and more restrictive provisions prohibiting or limiting the standing or parking of vehicles in specified places or at specified times."

His point about not until 4:01 is irrelevant and probably was only an attempt on the sopt to get out of it. If a sign says you cannot park there 4-6pm, that would mean it takes effect after 3:59:59, not after 4:00:59.

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Posted by danekan on 07/07/2010 at 12:19 PM

Re: “Is Walmart the Only Retailer Interested in Pullman? Maybe Not.

there's another jewel about 4 minutes away from this site. why though would be a jewel be any better than a wal-mart? they're both ran by corporate boofoos, and I doubt jewel treats its employees any better?

Posted by danekan on 05/17/2010 at 12:36 PM

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