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Criminal Concerns 

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[Re: "Big Worries on Campus, October 29]

I understand society's concern of protecting its members from being hurt. It is a laudable goal that I pray we someday reach.

But trumping up things or systems that supposedly are accomplishing this goal is not productive and in my opinion can be counterproductive.

I am a sex offender and I will say that one of the factors of my offense behavior was that I was put up for adoption, and when told about this, I shared it with the kids at school and I was teased horrendously and I believe that rejection, anger, low self-esteem, etc were instilled in me at a young age.

I have spent years with a lot of folks' help to develop self-efficiency, empathy, compassion, and become a whole healthy human being.

Now when I am released you want to post my picture, warn everyone, etc with the seeming result that I once again will be hated, rejected by folks, again possibly reinstilling the same things that originally were a factor in my crimes.

I can only say that I pray that when someone in my neighborhood sees my picture, they will come to me and say we care as human beings, how can we help you adjust, what support would help.

In that case I would say there would be a possible positive outcome to a system that at present is only causing more pain, outrage, and basically defeating rehabilitative goals.

Eric Clark

Fallsburg, NY


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