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Correcting the Bible 

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To the editors:

Chuck Fager's review of The Women's Bible Commentary [September 18] attempts to correlate Wycliffe's and Tyndale's efforts to bring the Bible to the masses with the efforts of the authors of this women's commentary. How absurd! Especially since both Wycliffe and Tyndale would have denounced the interpretations presented within this commentary as strongly as they denounced the corrupt church doctrines of their times. There also has not been and will not be persecution of the authors of this commentary as suffered by Wycliffe and Tyndale and thus the correlation is laughable.

Wycliffe and Tyndale were fighting for the freedom of all Christians to read for themselves the truths as revealed by God within all the books of the Bible. They did not propose to pick and choose what to regard as truth, as is proposed by the feminist deconstructionists.

And please do not delude your- self into thinking that "feminist religion . . . will be profoundly subversive of hierarchy, doctrinal fixity, and received liturgical language and rituals." This commentary sets down the doctrine of a feminine hierarchy with all the trappings of "correct" language and rituals; make no mistake about it.

Paula Van Dellen Eastman

Park Ridge


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