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Clean Up Your Act 

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To the editors:

I hate to pop your bubble, but your article "A Better Glass of Water" [February 12] was very misleading.

There is nothing new about using bacteria to break down wastes. Virtually every municipal wastewater treatment in the world uses some bacteria process.

The "new" process treats the waste of one hotel and eleven office buildings. The Metropolitan Sanitary District of Chicago treats the wastes of six million people plus the industrial equivalent of another three million. Also, making the residence time approximately 50 times longer means the tanks are approximately 50 times bigger. Now scale up to meet Chicago's needs. Don't forget you're building underground. Fifty times bigger won't exactly make it any cheaper, huh.

Much of Illinois is reclaimed swamp. That's why flooding is such a problem. Most of the state has drains underground to lower the water table. So here's a guy trying to put more water in the ground.

Finally, the MSD already uses its sludge to reclaim old strip mines, industrial lots, and pre-sod highways. That's not exactly throwing it away.

Recycling and reuse is the way to go, but you didn't present the facts. Be fair.

Marc Bonem

Oak Park


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