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Re: “Mayor Rahm to Prosser High: Beat it!

Before you all agree to jump so fool heartedly into these "CHARTERED SCHOOL SYSTEMS" let me give you all a little insight from a parent that has been there. And that is a parent of a chronic fatally ill child that has been there. First off these so called charter schools have nothing in place for kids with handicaps or disabilities. They make it up as they go along and even then they fail miserably. Every year for the 4 years my son attended there were constant letters to Milkie. I honestly don't believe he ever read any of the emails I ever sent off to him regarding my sons illness and how hard things were for him. He missed a lot of school due to his illness. He has a rare disease that presented with heart , lung, eye, Jr RA, and chronic kidney and miriade of other complications brought on due to his medications. He missed out on an average of maybe 20-25 days of school a year. Now this kid is no dummy he struggled to get his work in and passed every class by the end of the school year but they still made him do summer school for medical absences. Nice. He's been in and out of the hospital consistently every year for treatment, surgery, complications, etc. Some of the teachers went above and beyond. But they did get in trouble for helping out because they still have to follow protocol. But seriously isn't school suppose to be about the kids and their education. Apparently Noble doesn't have time for the ones that sick and need extra help or attention. It seemed like any teacher that went above and beyond to help my son was gone the following year - they were asked or told to leave. I challenged Milkie when my son was a Junior to find me one child in his school system that was like my son. Show me one other kid like him thats dying. One other kid that has to struggle every day to survive. Taking 21 daily just to stay alive. He never responded. I had to have one doctor write a note excusing him from wearing a belt, every YEAR. His condition is chronic and fatal did you think his magically improved. We had notes from the doctor about needing extended bathroom breaks because of his failing kidneys and stomach issues. He was in the bathroom throwing up blood or taking an extra minute or 2 to urinate after lunch. Gee guys with failing kidneys it takes longer to go that's the reason for the note. He came back 2-3 minutes then allowed. Guess what he got, demerits. They love to give demerits left and right for the stupidest things without warnings. Instead of saying hey tuck your shirt in, or straighten up your hair, pull up pants, it's hey your out of uniform demerit. Instead of pay attention and please stop laughing, its your laughing demerit. You came back a few minutes late, but I have a doctors note, too bad your late demerit. And 4 demerits will land you in detention with a $5 fee, although there was talk that they finally decided to wave the $5 fee this past year but hey they may bring it back who knows.
Now if you child falls behind in any class and has to bring their grade up by the end of the second term well there is night school and that's gonna cost you $140 per class that they are failing. And its mandatory that it be taken at night or you can have them take it during the summer and the cost will be $240 per class. But keep in mind that they will not be promoted to the next grade till they complete these classes. And also if you have any payments that are outstanding they will also need to be paid in full prior to parent teacher conferences where you will pick up progress reports. If you don't pay you will not get that progress report and certain privileges will be revoked on your child's behalf. That could be anything from field trips to sports to outings to just about anything as punishment. They will not accept anything in the way of payment other then a credit card or cash. And any outstanding fees not paid by the end of the school year will also hold your child back. If your child is out of school for any medical reasons be sure that you have every single day accounted for even if they tell you not to worry about - don't believe them - they like to lie. Make sure your doctors notes cover every single day.We finally had to get a lawyer involved when he went into complete renal failure his last year. Because that meant dialysis which meant time out of class and possible home schooling. And that turned out to be another whole joke in itself. Trust me had his father not had control of where he was going to school my son NEVER would have been in a Noble Charter School. And I can guarantee he would have fared much better in a regular CPS school. And it wouldn't have cost me so much money either.

Posted by Cathy Knapp on 09/02/2014 at 9:38 PM

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    • Oct 16, 2013
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