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January 15, 2013 Slideshows » Music, Blogs

Canadian hardcore band Single Mothers' photos from their trek through Detroit and Chicago 

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Canadian hardcore band and recent Hot Charity signees Single Mothers use a disposable point-and-shoot camera to document their trek through Detroit and Chicago supporting Quicksand.
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Leor Galil
"Drew [Thomson, singer] in the foyer of [Detroit's] Saint Andrew's Hall."
Leor Galil
"Hanging out post-set. Mike [Peterson, guitarist] holds his tour scrapbook."
Leor Galil
"Quicksand onstage at Saint Andrew's Hall."
Leor Galil
"The gang checks out the porn selection at a party store as other customers rush in just before closing. When the cashier—a guy I can only describe as 'very Michigan'—heard me wind the wheel of the disposable camera, he mentioned that he didn't think they were still in production."
Leor Galil
"Mike and Drew leave their marks behind a party store in Michigan."
Leor Galil
"I have a longstanding tradition of robbing a flagpole every time I go on a US tour. Here I celebrate my catch as I show off my tour laminate in one hand and a cheap 40-ounce in the other."
Leor Galil
"Evan [Redsky, bassist] passed out while everyone else watches a Daniel Tosh standup special."
Leor Galil
"Packing up after spending the night at our friend Jake's house in Warren, Michigan. When we got in the van, we discovered Luke [Bentham, touring guitarist] had lost Matt's van keys the night before on a walk to the schoolyard and back. We found them on the ground after almost an hour of searching."
Leor Galil
"Where there's a music store and 90 minutes to kill, there's Single Mothers. Chicago Music Exchange. Evan and Luke both walked out with new pedals."
Leor Galil
"When we pulled up to Metro I hopped out of the van to find out about parking. I snapped this photo of the marquee as I ran inside. I think it was the only one all week that bothered to include Single Mothers."
Leor Galil
"Sleepy Evan in the Single Mothers dressing room at Metro."
Leor Galil
"This is Drew in the green room of Metro in Chicago. They have an awesome collection of screen-printed posters commemorating past shows that they've lacquered to the walls."
Leor Galil
"Getting the merch booth set up at the Metro. For some reason (zoning?), they don't allow alcohol in the Metro store, where bands sell during shows. No matter how creative I got with smuggling them past security staff, they busted me at least three times."
Leor Galil
"Pabst Blue Ribbon and string cheese in the Metro dressing room. While we all searched for a local hotspot for some grub, Drew hit Whole Foods. Uncharacteristically, he loves it there. We ended up with McNuggets."
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