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Friday 7

Thucydides, the commander of a good chunk of the Athenian navy in the beginning of the Peloponnesian War, lost an important battle to Sparta and was summarily banished. He spent the next two decades carefully constructing his meticulous, objective, and sometimes luminous History of the Peloponnesian War. Unlike his predecessor Herodotus, he held no truck with superstition and theories of divine intervention; instead he traveled extensively, reviewed documents, and conducted interviews to create a pristine history of the debilitating and pivotal conflict. (The 27-year-long war ended with the surrender of Athens, signaling the beginning of the end of the glory days of Greece.) Thucydides was also one of the most talented writers of his day: his characters' speeches remain vivid, most notably Pericles' ode to fallen soldiers and Athenian civilization. Raymond Ciacci, staffer at the University of Chicago's Office of Continuing Studies, will present a free lecture on the speech in the theater at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington, at 12:15 today. Call 702-1722 for more.

The plenary session of this year's National Lawyers Guild convention promises to be a high-tech affair; hosted by the Puerto Rican Cultural Center's Jose Lopez, the event will feature broadcast video interviews with political prisoners, including Puerto Rican revolutionaries Lucy Rodriguez, Dylcia Pagan, and Alicia Rodriguez, and Native American activist Leonard Peltier. The session begins at 3:30 today in the Bismarck Hotel Pavilion; the convention itself continues until Sunday, with 27 workshops focused on a variety of political and legal issues. The plenary session or any workshop costs $5; a full day's admission goes for $45. The Bismarck is at 171 W. Randolph. Call 427-0510 for more.

Saturday 8

Revolutionary War buffs will go wild today at a reenactment of a battle between the Northwest Territorial Alliance and the dastardly British. The Saint Charles Historical Museum promises shows of decked-out soldiers who'll explain the roles of the Irish, Dutch, Germans, and Indians in the war; a display of "drill and discipline" courtesy of the Virginia State Navy on the Fox River; period cooking and fashion parades; bayonet demos; a fife-and-drum corps--even a magician performing 18th-century magic. Daily admission costs $3 per person, $5 per family; it all happens at Langum Park on route 25, a half mile south of route 64 (North Avenue) in Saint Charles from 9 to 4 today and tomorrow. And this is only the first weekend in the society's Living History Month. Next weekend, same time and place, they'll re-create a Civil War battle, complete with artillery and cavalry. The weekend after that, August 22 and 23, the society tackles World War II. Call 708-584-6967 for more.

The nation's gay and lesbian groups aim for an attendance of one million at the 1993 March on Washington for gay, lesbian, and bisexual civil rights. You can get in on the initial planning at a regional meeting today at 11 at 53 W. Jackson, suite 924. If you miss this one, there'll be similar get-togethers on the second Saturday of the coming months at the same time and place. It's free. Call 922-0025 for details.

Sunday 9

Classic car day at the Old Orchard Center in Skokie means Deusenbergs, Packards, Cords, and Rollses, some of them one of a kind, will be on display at the mall, Skokie Boulevard and Old Orchard Road, from 11 to 5 today. It's free. Call 708-673-6800 for more.

Norman Lear and other Hollywood types founded People for the American Way to battle the war on free expression waged by followers of Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. The group's newest offshoot, Artsave, assists artists under attack by censors. The Alley--flagship store of an octopuslike conglomerate and operator of a half dozen or more businesses selling everything from leather jackets to condoms at Clark and Belmont--sponsors a daylong concert and fund-raiser for Artsave today. Outside the store, at 858 W. Belmont, you can listen to music by Spies Who Surf, Hi-Fi and the Roadburners, Spanish Fly, and more from noon to five. At the same time there'll be a silent auction of donated artwork in the Gargoyle Bar & Grille, 3222 N. Clark. There's a requested donation of $3. Call 548-2266.

Monday 10

Beware Jenny Craig, Glamour, and Revlon: Naomi Wolf will hit town tonight to discuss the premise explored in her book The Beauty Myth. (Published last year, the book touched off controversy similar to that of Susan Faludi's Backlash.) Wolf says, "We are in the midst of a violent backlash against feminism that uses images of female beauty as a political weapon against women's advancement." Tonight at 7:15 at Women & Children First bookstore, 5233 N. Clark, she'll elaborate on her claim that fashion magazines and the diet and cosmetic industries set impossible standards that women go crazy trying to attain. It's free; call 769-9299.

Women on Men, a one-woman show by Cynthia Desmond, comprises six monologues on "women who love men, hate men, want to be men." It plays Monday and Wednesday nights through August 26 at 8:30 at the Avenue Theatre, 4223 N. Lincoln. Admission is $5; call 404-1780 for more.

Tuesday 11

Satyajit Ray died in May, just a few weeks after his weak but touching appearance during the Academy Awards. (He thanked the academy for his honorary award for lifetime achievement via satellite from his hospital bed in India.) You can remember the screenwriter/director/score composer tonight at your choice of two venues. His last film, Agantuk (The Stranger), is the story of a long-lost uncle who returns to his family only to have some suspect he's an impostor. It closes its run at Facets Multimedia Center, 1517 W. Fullerton, with screenings tonight and tomorrow at 5:30 and 7:30. Admission is $5, $3 for members; 281-9075. Or you can catch Aparajito, the second installment of Ray's Apu Trilogy, at 6 tonight at the Film Center, Columbus and Jackson. The trilogy, beginning with Pather Panchali and concluding with The World of Apu, follows the growth, education, and socialization of young Apu. It's $5, $3 for members. Call 443-3733 for more.

Sure you've heard that CPR training can save lives, so why not learn it? The rather unimaginatively named West Suburban Hospital Medical Center will offer a class for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on babies and children tonight and tomorrow from 6:30 to 10:30 at the hospital, Erie at Austin, in Oak Park. There's a $30 fee. Call 708-383-6200 for more.

Wednesday 12

It's reading time again at HotHouse: tonight the Guild Complex-sponsored series presents exiled South African dissident Dennis Brutus, Pennsylvania Review editor Julie Parson-Nesbitt, and Elsewhere Indiana author John Sheehan. It's $5; things get under way at 7:30. HotHouse is at 1565 N. Milwaukee; call 278-2210 for more.

You know Ellen Cleghorne's character Queen Shaniqua, the Weekend Update critic on Saturday Night Live who dispenses her wisdom from a hard-line Afro-centric position. (On Pretty Woman: "Cinderella story? She was a whore!") Cleghorne takes a break from some miscellaneous movie work and occasionally hosting Friday Night Videos to perform at Zanies, 1548 N. Wells, tonight through Sunday at 8:30 nightly, except on Friday and Saturday, when shows are at 7, 9, and 11:15. Cover is $15, with a two-drink minimum. Call 337-4027 for details.

Thursday 13

If you liked the improvisational romps known as Ed and The Chris Hogan Show, check out The Filmdome, a full-length improvisational work boasting the talents of Melanie Hoopes, Michael Ingram, Carlos Jacott, Lauren Katz, and John Lehr. What exactly The Filmdome is is a little unclear, but director Jim Dennen says it's "a fictional structure employing technology beyond that which is possible today. It is the only way improvisation could be captured on film without sacrificing the full potential of either medium." The show opens tonight at 8:30 at the Victory Gardens Studio, 2257 N. Lincoln. It runs Wednesday through Saturday until September 12. Tix are $10; call 871-3000 for more.


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