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Multimedia variety show, with an emphasis on variety. Depending on the episode, viewers might see repetitive skits performed by hand puppets, an immigrant offering snack cakes, or sad-faced young men walking in circles. Performers play experimental music akin to a yak birthing and tell excited yarns about Providence, Rhode Island. Nothing on UnBalanced Load is close to something that means anything.

Target Demographic

For folks who feel their lives are too short, this program makes 30 minutes seem infinite.

Thematic Concerns

In an E-mail, UnBalanced Load Productions states its mission: "To provide therapeutic value to those suffering from anxiety disorders and to stress individual liberty, personal responsibility, and that time is our most precious asset. A New World Record to be succinct."

Is "succinct" the word you'd use to describe 12 minutes of a drag queen calling bingo numbers in a basement lounge?

Representative Excerpt

In the recently rebroadcast episode "Cool Clown Ground," the cast takes calls from viewers while relaxing in a dark room illuminated by a strobe light. Pastor Neal Benson presides. The late Phil Bonnet periodically clinks piano keys. Jeff Libersher paces the floor. A guitarist plays in the background with a Cleveland Indians sweatshirt pulled over his head. A mysterious bearded man hovers nearby. [Note: The song below refers to Larry Hisle, who played for the Phillies, Twins, and Brewers from 1968 to 1982.] (Telephone rings.)

Pastor Neal benson (answering the phone): Cool Clown Ground.

Female caller: Fucking dumb dickhead.

Phil Bonnet: Huh? Que?

PNb: Fucking...wait, let me get this straight: Fucking dumb dickhead?

FC: Yeah.

Group (singing): "I ain't got a whole lot of Hisle-oh. I ain't got a whole lot of Hisle-oh-ho."

Tape of little girl's voice: "Big daddy longlegs, big daddy longlegs..."

FC: What is that for?

PB: For you! All for you!

FC: How did you get your sorry ass on TV like this? (Groups laughs.) How did you get your sorry asses on TV like this? (Group laughs.) Crazy odd programming for some lame-ass, broad-ass motherfuckas like you. (Group laughs maniacally.) Look, don't you have any kind of life?

Group (singing in harmony): "I ain't got a whole lot of Hisle-oh. I ain't got a whole lot of Hisle-oh-ho."

Jeff Libersher: Ain't got a whole lot of Hisle. No sir-ee.

PB: We don't?

Peek Into Psyche

Pastor Neal Benson, Jeff Libersher, and Phil Bonnet converse soberly.

Jeff Libersher: Did you ever cut that grass?

Pastor Neal benson: Uh, where is it?

(Long pause.)

JL: It's not important.

PNB: Why'd you bring it up?

JL: 'Cause I only bring up not important things.

UnBalanced Load airs Sundays at 10 pm on cable access channel 19.

--Joy Bergmann


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