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Nice atmosphere, and nice selection of tapas. However, menu is not clearly labeled, which made ordering difficult. Waitress explained that items under "tapas" were cold tapas and items under "entradas" were hot tapas (even though several items under the cold tapas list seemed to be hot tapas). Since tapas are much smaller than entrees, it was hard to decide on how many items to order. The sangria was pretty bad, and too pricey. Iberico is still the best place to go for cheap sangria. Arco de Cuchilleros also has pricey sangria, but it's damned good. This was unacceptable. Also, the waitress took a long time to bring us our drinks, probably she's just new. When we were looking around for her, the owner/manager (?) asked if we needed something, and when we explained that we'd ordered our drinks 20-25 minutes prior, instead of saying "I'll take care of it" he said, "Oh, she's probably on her way," which came off as "you're being impatient, we're busy." This was my first time there and, since it's not in my neighborhood, I'll likely go elsewhere next time.

Posted by A B on 02/21/2002 at 11:01 AM

Re: “Su Casa

We went for margaritas and dinner, but after waiting 20 minutes for someone to take our drink orders, AND after seeing the poor presentation, value, and taste of the margaritas, dinner seemed like a risky proposition. So, we ordered the appetizer platter, which was, to be candid, disgusting. The presentation was unappealing, and they didn't bother to put all the items on platter that were in the description. When we asked for the missing items, we were brought out another one, which was frozen in the middle. (It was a jalapeno popper, so it wasn't supposed to be frozen.) The salsa was off, the wait staff was weird and unhappy, the busboy offered us "used" chips off a table that he had just cleared (nice thought, but against health codes, I think), and the margaritas were undrinkable. My friend and I agreed that these were the worst margaritas that we had ever had. NOTE: In reading this, you might think that we were uptight, picky diners, set on having a bad experience. Nothing could be further from the truth; it was a relaxed Friday night, and we were laughing heartily by the end of it all, because it was one thing after another with this place. I don't understand the comments that rave about the margaritas; they were awful (way overpriced, tasted horrible, and the salt around the glass was TABLE salt).

Posted by A.B. on 09/24/2001 at 5:42 PM

We had a really nice meal here. I had a seafood bisque as
my main course, which was delicious as well as
aesthically pleasing. All my friends enjoyed their meals as well: pasta and a meat dish. One friend had chicken. She
remarked that it was the most delicious chicken she'd ever
had because it practically melted in her mouth, with the
consistency of fish. Since we were there to celebrate
her birthday, I was particularly pleased to know that she
so enjoyed her meal!

The owner made a special visit to the table, which
was a nice touch. The bread was plentiful and really
delicious (be careful not to lose your appetite!) The
room was very drafty, but our server responded immediately
to our discomfort. There was a genuine effort to please,
which made the experience enjoyable. They brought out a tiramisu with a candle (at my request) for my friend who
was celebrating her birthday.

The restaurant is divided into three parts: entrance/bar; a cabaret section with tables, and then just a regular dining room. Although we were not in the cabaret section, it looked like it could be a really fun night out.

I'll definitely go again!

Posted by A. Burton on 06/19/2000 at 2:07 PM

Re: “Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop

Try the fried green tomatoes! They are really delicious: tart, salty, crunchy outside, juicy inside. I'd go back just for those. This is a real comfort food place, and they serve very large portions.

Posted by A. Burton on 01/10/2000 at 6:01 PM

Re: “Geja's Cafe

Overall, although I go back and forth, I was disappointed! I was really looking forward to this evening, since I was treating a special person to a big evening out. I had researched restaurants on line and in the papers for several weeks prior to my visit (including the Restaurant Raters section!), so my expectations were high.

We had to wait 2.5 hours for a table. Yes, it's a nice place,
but "it ain't all that." Fine, if I'd just been lazy and not
made reservations, but they wouldn't let me make reservations. (I think the rule is no reservations for parties of two -- yet, it's touted as a date restaurant, including on its logo with the cute cartoon couple.)

The food was excellent. Yet, I found the menu somewhat limited
because you are locked in to ordering for two people. So, although I would have loved the meat or seafood fondue entree,
my date is a vegetarian. Thus, we opted for the bread and veggie fondue (appetizer) as our entree. We just doubled the order so that we would have plenty. Two things then ocurred which makes me give it a not-so-vegetarian-friendly rating:
1) they only gave enough fondue for one serving of bread &
veggies (even though we ordered for 2, which I guess they're
not used to having people do) (and, the cheese is kind of
the point); 2) the waitress looked at us like we were stark raving mad when we said we just wanted the bread and veggie fondue for (times two) for our entree. It made me very uncomfortable and feeling like she thought we were trying to "cheap" our way through the meal. It put me in the position of feeling like I had to explain myself b/c she not only gave us a weird look and puzzled shake of the head, but asked if we were sure. Come on. It is (was) the 90's, there are a lot of vegetarians out there.

I will say that she was on top of things enough to realize that we had run out of cheese before we should have (not b/c we were heavily dipping, but b/c we only had 1/2 of what we were supposed to have). She was friendly and professional, just maybe not accustomed to vegetarians.

The food was excellent. I was absolutely stuffed with the salad, the appetizer/entree, and the dessert fondue.

However, I was also so worn out from waiting for 2 1/2 hours for a seat (through no lack of planning on my part) that I just did not enjoy the meal as much as I could have.

I would recommend this place because the atmosphere is truly cozy and romantic (including live Spanish guitar music), and the food is really pretty tasty, different & fun. Unfortunately, for me and my big night out, too many little (big?) things got in the way of it being a really nice night -- especially for the price.

Posted by A. Burton on 01/10/2000 at 5:48 PM

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