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Buried Treasure 

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To the editor:

The best thing about the Reader is Jonathan Rosenbaum. Period. With the exception of Facets's Milos Stehlik on WBEZ's Worldview, Rosenbaum provides the only intelligent film reviews in Chicago--he's a cultural treasure not just for our city but for our nation.

So where is our cultural treasure? Not only is there no extended film review from him this week [April 4], but some genius editor has moved the restaurant guide ahead of the movies (and readings, theater, etc)! Restaurant reviews ahead of movie reviews? Have you lost your mind, or is this just a momentary lapse of reason? I'm scared.

Please put Rosenbaum's movies first in Section Two, where they should be, and give us more extended Rosenbaum reviews in Section One. Don't mess around with the best thing you've got going, and for God's sake give the man a raise--I don't want to lose him to San Francisco or New York!


Sally Forutan

N. Lake Shore Drive


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