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Bunny the Undead Expediter--"You Brought Her, You Slayer," 

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Bunny the Undead Expediter--"You Brought Her, You Slayer," Careening Theater, at Angel Island. Fight choreographer Erin Kathleen Carlson plays the martial heroine in writer-director David Skvarla's parody of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Here, as in the TV series, the teenage crusader and her sidekicks--nerdy Gander, brainy Maple, and mentorly Miles--swing stakes and swords, kick infernal ass, and strike provocative poses. In this episode, entitled "You Brought Her, You Slayer," they rattle a Rasta demon who transforms innocent youths into neohippie cannabis-toking cannibals.

Skvarla's script is more coherent than most stunt-show scenarios. The plot follows the Buffy formula of adolescent-angst allegory expressed in dryly humorous argot ("We're gonna be blue plate specials at the Donner Pass Diner!"). The notion of 60s-style hedonism inspiring evil might irk baby boomers, but they'll be tickled by the sight of villains fleeing patchouli-sanctified flowers and pictures of G. Gordon Liddy. And anyone of legal age can participate in a drinking game (BYO) coordinated with the onstage action.

But the swashbuckling is paramount. And Carlson--whose female fights were the highlight of Pegasus Players' award-winning Breath, Boom last spring--delivers the requisite acrobatic violence: this lanky Alice in Wonderland with cojones ranges from graceful handsprings to WWF grapples.


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