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Bro-N-Laws Bar-B-Que

Mike Sula

Barbecue joint distinguished by the unmistakable smell of woodsmoke on pig.

Our Review

If you make your way on Chicago Avenue to the far-western end of Humboldt Park, you'll find the rather forbidding Bro-N-Law's Bar-B-Que. It's been around a few years, starting a half mile or so east before settling into its current spot, which looks not unlike most south- and west-side barbecue fortresses that protect their most valuable asset behind bullet-proof glass—a functioning aquarium smoker, that is. Bro-N-Law's sells all sorts of things, from fried chicken to turkey tips to catfish to something called a "steak plate." But the unmistakable aroma of woodsmoke on pig wafting over Chicago narrows things down to a few obvious choices. It's hard to see what's going on in the kitchen, but place an order for rib tips and listen for the furious thwacking of cleaver on meat and cartilage, which leads to some tips of unusually thin shape, enjoyably chewy and full of smoke. I'd show you a picture but they messed up my order and doused them with a thin, too sweet, mild sauce. The ribs are good too, as you can see, with a thin, shellacked bark and the narrowest of smoke rings girding a lot of juicy, chewy meat.

Mike Sula

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