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Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

@ Carno you make it sound like Beau just started at University this fall 2010 when in fact he attended Boston University all of last year (2009/2010). Both his parents went to visit him in Boston throughout the school year.
Why do you feel you need to degrade people, this time being Beau, to help you hurt someone else, David.
I did not want to comment on this blog again, however I do not think it's fair to Beau for this false statement about him dropping out of university after just one month, to stand without being corrected.
Also you say Sue took David to Florida on the opposite coast from his family, David is from the East Coast and Sue is from Florida. I do not think it is that uncommon for a husband to move to his wife's home area.

Posted by brenda lee on 11/26/2010 at 9:49 PM

Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

@Carno - First just wondering how many times have you been on stage? I am not a long die hard fan; I always liked watching David's work if it happened to be on TV, like many other performers I enjoy watching. I live in Southern Ontario and after reading his book, which I would like to add, has many parts written by David's family and friends, saying both good and bad about him and he didn't edit out the bad. I wanted to see him in concert when he was here last year. I went to two concerts here last year, one where I paid, the other free, I enjoyed both equally; they were excellent shows with a lot of fun and memories. The other reason I decided I wanted to attend a concert was after watching David on Youtube, I enjoyed they way he interacted with his audience, like they're old friends. I also felt proud our country was able to host so many visitors from other countries, who are his fans who attend whatever shows they can. I liked the way David acknoledged everyone from all over the world and the USA and Canada at the concert. I felt like I was at a reunion with old friends, even though I'd never meant any of them before.
I used to the cookie reference to try and remind you that no one is perfect, they do the best they can and sometimes everyone has trouble maintaining the best they can. It seems however, no matter what is said, you are going to somehow turn it around to be David's fault. I sure you might have found some way to blame the fact it was raining during the Peterborough concert on David, instead being happy as most people there were that David said to go on with the show even in the rain. I remember thinking at that concert: here’s thousands of people standing out in the rain, a situation where most people would be miserable and instead everyone is smiling and singing along with David & the band. It’s too bad people couldn’t all get along with each other like that everyday.

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Posted by brenda lee on 07/26/2010 at 9:14 AM

Re: “And Did David Cassidy Do Elgin Dirty?

First Danny had David on his radio show the other morning and David challenged Danny to learn to play the bass and sing and Danny accepted the challenge.

Second, after reading through this I would just like to make a comment for people to think about:
You can buy a box of manufactured cookies and they're next to perfect. Or you can bake some cookies and usually their much better, however occasionally even the best baker's cookies get burned or don't turn out well, due to the conditions of that perticular moment in time the cookies are being baked.
Performing is a lot like that, a manufactured CD or production is going to be next to perfect, but when any performer puts themselves live on the stage, they have to deal with the conditions of that moment in time and do the best they can.
As a performer, no matter how many times you've been on stage it's a new experience everytime and humans beings are not machines and therefore make mistakes. Sometimes the more things go wrong usually the worst it gets, especially if you get nervous and try to fix it or if people are critical.

Posted by brenda lee on 07/22/2010 at 4:36 PM

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