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Bounty on Our Heads 

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A. Langer:

In my estimation, your praise of such hacks as Jim Sikora and his fellows is not only pointless but an affront to thinking, sensible people everywhere ["Celluloid Antihero," August 9]. My organization Save Chicago's Underground Movies has thusly placed a contract on your head as well as the lives of the Reader's editors (pseudo-leftist illiterate monkeys) and the organizers of Chicago's so-called "Underground" film festival. We feel that the only true Underground is ours. Our films are not only never screened but half the time never made. This is to ensure that we never lose sight of our integrity. My festival, the only true "Underground" festival, will promote the sale of no Scotch whiskey, the viewing of no cable channels, and the promotion of no filmmakers, as no films will actually be shown.

We expose C.U.F.F. for what it is: a mutual-masturbatory vermifuge of talentless shitheels.

We expose you and the Reader for what you are: a soulless typing pool dedicated to the furtherance of stylized onanism and the destruction of true art.

Jim Sikora and his ilk (Nick Zedd, R. Kern, Chris Gore, et al) will soon go the way of Mussolini and eight-track tapes. And, amidst the turmoil we will wipe our collective ass with pages of the Reader's pages.

Death to you,

Val Solaris



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