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Black Egypt 

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To the editors:

This response is in relation to the column on page 2 "Straight Dope" [November 1]:

To Cecil Adams and other ignorant, racist and misogynistic individuals such as yourselves:

To say that Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt was "no more black than "Shirley Temple"' is like saying that Christofer Columbus found India when he arrived to the New World.

For anyone to state quite falsely, that Egypt is not a part of Black history is like stating that England has nothing to do with white history.

If anyone who has seen the bust of Queen Nefertiti (wife of Akhenaton IV), and the funeral mask of Prince Tutankhamen (husband of Crown Princess Ankhesenamen) would know that indisputably Egypt was, is and will always be a very significant cornerstone not only to Black history, but also to world history.

Gina Taylor

S. Yates


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