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Best One-Man Electro Army With a Vine Account 

Jim Magas

The world has yet to realize the full potential of Vine, but plenty of musicians are having fun trying to get there. When it comes to using the app's short looped videos to blast original songs around the globe, an aspiring teenage MC in Maryland who calls himself Semi is leading the charge—he went viral last year with a clip tagged "another 6 sec rap." Chicago has its share of music-scene Vine stars, but no one looks to be having as much fun with it as Jim Magas. His Vine feed is a glimpse at the life of a one-man electro army, littered with snippets of him tinkering in his home studio and goofing around with his daughter, but the real standouts are his simple, sometimes dry comedy skits. During the first "polar vortex" cold snap this past winter, he stood in his yard in nothing but shorts and a pair of boots, proclaimed in a sultry voice that "All this shoveling makes me hot," and then toppled backward to make the world's briefest and most traumatizing snow angel. The best part: he had to shoot two takes.

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