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Best Doughnut When You Don't Want to Commit to a Doughnut 

Beaver's Donuts

At the risk of sounding like a real carbophobic, sometimes an entire doughnut is just too much . . . I don't know, sugary dough. I'm probably presenting this premise to the wrong audience, because if the proliferation of doughnut joints is any indication, Chicagoans love a damn doughnut. I'm pretty sure everyone will love Beaver's Donuts—they'll just have to love more of them. Beaver's, a food truck that also has a permanent location inside the Chicago French Market, specializes in fresh, hot, two-bite minidoughnuts coated in a variety of toppings, both regular (powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, powdered cocoa) or gourmet (chocolate sauce and coconut, etc). I'm a sucker for the regular toppings, which instantly meld into the hot little rings. One day I offered one to a coworker who uttered a satisfied and very Homer Simpson-y "Mmmm. Soft." I second that.

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