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Beating Up Community Policing 

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Re: Ben Joravsky's "Trading Community Policing for Public Relations," June 28.

I believe that Mr. Joravsky should learn what community policing really is before raising the flag that it will go away. The chief tenet in the community policing strategy is "community" participation and accomplishments. Being involved with a community organization myself, I can appreciate the discomfort when funding is withdrawn. But the contract with CANS was for training and was for a limited time frame. Saying that there will be no community policing without CANS is the height of arrogance. Community policing is alive and well in our community and it was working well before CANS got here and will continue to do well when CANS leaves. Both police commanders in our community are dedicated to making community policing work and the community at large is dedicated to safety and order. How tiring it is for people in a community to constantly be told that they cannot organize themselves and cannot accomplish any good without "Big Brother" the expert coming in to save our bacon. This scam has been perpetuated on our community by the federal government, the state government (remember emptying out the mental hospitals into our neighborhoods), the city government, various social service agencies that are doing "good" deeds in our community, some community organizations, and now the Reader. Thanks but no thanks.

William Hersh

Beat 2024 in Uptown


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