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Re: “"Forget That Murder — Get In Here and Bring Your BlackBerry"

Tammy, Stewart, John, Liz, etc., you really do have a case for a lawsuit. You need to fight fire with fire. The parasites who fired you only understand brute force, money, power and ruthlessness. Talk to a good lawyer - one who will work on a contingency basis (and a truly great lawyer will, because he knows he can win). Don't allow yourselves to fall into a state of lethargy and depression. Do not be intimidated by the Sun-Times scum. From what I've read here, each of you was fantastic in your field. Hold your head high and refuse to eat the sh*t that the company wants to feed you.

Sue the hell out of them. Sue them for millions. I've never seen anyone ask for it as they are. Go!

Posted by Barrister on 10/30/2010 at 8:40 PM

Re: “A Hard One to Spin

Mister Miner, I'm surprised at your sudden squeamishness. I thought the Chicago Reader a progressive publication. I didn't think that The Reader would spout inanities and refer to a scumbag parasite like Jimbo Tyree as MISTER Tyree. Tell me that The Reader hasn't devolved to the point where you spout holier than thou rhetoric while having orgies in the CEO's office ala The Tribune.

I have to conclude that either Tyree or some VIP in your own company asked you to "clarify" that you were not saying that Tyree is getting what he deserves. Otherwise, Sir, why write the article at all? Clearly, your sympathies are with the employees, not Halbreich and Tyree. So, why the sudden girlishness?

No, I will neither take back what I've said here, nor will I apologize for saying it. Tyree is the worst sort of tyrant. If you read some of his comments from last year at this time, you will see his outright lies and manipulations. He said one thing and did another. Union people made huge, painful concessions and he buggered them up the arse for it. What they gave wasn't enough - he wanted more. He wanted blood. And rather than allow the employees even a scrap of dignity, he throws them out the door like garbage.

Read up on holistic medicine sometime. Our bodies manifest what we are and the lifestyles we lead - our beliefs and our philosophies. Tyree's diseases did not come from me. They came from his lifestyle. He manifests the rot that he lives. We all get sick, only not all of us have premium care that is purchased by stealing from the working man. Some of us were fired and have no insurance and do you think MISTER Tyree gives a good goddamn that we're sick and we're dying? Yeah, he cares so much that he throws us out in the streets with nothing. So, Mr. Miners, tell me why I should pretend that I give a damn what happens to Tyree?

Posted by Barrister on 10/30/2010 at 8:33 PM

Re: “A Hard One to Spin

Iounadda: Your statement:

"Its about time that "Corporate America" treat the "common worker" with a little dignity and respect. After all, were the ones doing what your not willing to do. And thats actually work for our pay checks."

Is ABSOLUTELY brilliant!

Posted by Barrister on 10/29/2010 at 8:50 PM

Re: “"Forget That Murder — Get In Here and Bring Your BlackBerry"

The masks are off among the rich and powerful. Once, they hid their avarice behind ermine and good etiquette, but no more. The billionaires no longer make a secret of their gluttony. They intend to amass more wealth than any human requires, even if it means the ruination of some poor, single mother like the sales rep fired in Joliet. I've heard Tyree's mother was poor and and single. Obviously, someone gave her a chance, and that's too bad since she spawned pure evil.

People so wrongly assume that the rich are noble and somehow better. They pander to them in wont of favors. They shamelessly ass kiss these monsters, and that's the reason for the "boo-hoo-hoo" over Tyree's cancer. They hope perhaps he'll leave them a bauble.

But, mark my words. This man and his cohorts are for the most part, rotten to their ugly cores. His cancer is a symbol of his corruption and greed. One may justify evil actions, but one cannot escape the consequences, as you shall soon see. But not so quick that he won't suffer considerably for his evil actions.

Posted by Barrister on 10/29/2010 at 8:45 PM

Re: “"Forget That Murder — Get In Here and Bring Your BlackBerry"

Since Tyree took over, there have been close to a dozen people who developed cancer in STM, and several cases are terminal. One man suffered a serious heart attack, and others are stressed to breaking and clinically depressed. While this billionaire and his cronies try to find new ways to make money off of our blood, we still strive to do our best.

These clowns obviously know nothing about business. You don't ultimately improve profits by cutting the product. You improve the product. You invest in the product. But, what we have here are a bunch of low class "corporate flippers" who buy up desperation and make a profit from human suffering.

Go to HELL where you belong, Tyree. Go to HELL Halbreich, for selling us all up the river. You both deserve the worst hell has to give you and I hope you get exactly what you deserve.

Posted by Barrister on 10/29/2010 at 4:23 PM

Re: “A Hard One to Spin

Every full moon, I've made sacrifices to the gods of greed in the names of Tyree and Halbreich. I asked the gods to give each of these men the torture they deserve, and it seems that the gods have answered me. Tyree's insides will rot and his pain will be excruciating. Halbreich will dig himself deeper and deeper into a special level of hell reserved just for him. His health, too, will suffer.

There was a time when they had a chance to turn things around, but that time is gone. You can let people go without being unnecessarily cruel. You can lay someone off without being sadistic - torturing them and making them ill and humiliating them. For this, they will both pay and pay dearly.

You have the money. You have the power. But there are forces in this world that will overpower both. You've just begun to suffer, and suffer you shall. Just as you made others suffer, so shall you. This I swear.

Posted by Barrister on 10/29/2010 at 4:15 PM

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