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Re: “Art Loop Open Reinstates Disqualified Artist

couldnt agree more with About You. Another waste of time. These articles sound like they were written by an angry 6th grader. I used to appreciate the Reader's ability to provide thought-provoking work.

Posted by bama on 10/27/2010 at 7:44 AM

Re: “Disqualified Art Loop Open Finalist Cries Foul

when is someone going to realize that these alo people worked their a** off for 7 months to do something for artists? in case artists are too immersed in their work to understand, i would bet that ALO is making a whopping $0 as a result of this. THEY ARE NON PROFIT ORGS!

i have nothing to do with this competition, but i see a lot of ungratefulness and one artist who seems to think that the rules dont apply to him. at no point has he or any of his "supporters" come out and said "he never gave his text number to a classroom full of people" or "he didnt post the flier, his friends did."

if these artists keep this up, i think the entire artist community can be quite certain that there will not be an alo next year. frankly, if this is what happens when non-profits try to help artists, why even try?

Posted by bama on 10/24/2010 at 6:16 PM

Re: “Disqualified Art Loop Open Finalist Cries Foul

ahh, right, you know all the facts whereas no one else does. you also appear to be the authority on the meaning of "publication." you should publish your thoughts on this principle, as it would be a novel approach of interpretation. you may even win a prize!

next time, maybe alo should NOT seek ANY funding or sponsorship and hold the event in an abandoned warehouse in logan square (with free parking) and actually pay people just to participate. better yet, forget the art altogether; maybe they should give the award to the artist who can prove -- without question -- that he/she has the most friends! and rules?! we dont need no stinking rules! we're artists! of course, without funding, sponsorship, or any of that "silly" stuff, the grand prize will probably be $8 and these artists will get no exposure to help their careers! BRILLIANT IN AND OF ITSELF!

i love how the entire project is "not well thought out" because someone failed to read the rules properly. oh, wait, i'm sorry, i dont know the facts. or maybe i dont know how to read. my deepest apologies. .

final question: if the artists didnt want to be a part of an event that involves a registration fee, sponsorship, asks that they help hang their own work, and invite their friends and family to come support them, why on earth did they apply?

oh, and i actually went on twitter before writing this just to see what people are saying, and for some reason the majority of people are actually excited about this event! how silly of them!

Posted by bama on 10/23/2010 at 10:43 PM

Re: “Disqualified Art Loop Open Finalist Cries Foul

i never said those were the facts; it was set forth as a question. if he didn't tell a classroom of people what his text number was, then he did not publish that information (at least in that manner).

sure, its a tourism campaign in the same way that lollapalooza brings people to chicago. does it mean that it is not "about" music? they offer great bands year after year, so you can either go see some decent music or throw mud because its oh so "corporate".

same goes here: a couple of non-profits who support the arts figured it'd be nice to exhibit art in the loop. and there's some interesting work to be viewed, i'll have to admit. so you can either go down there, look at some art for free, spend a day strolling around the loop, or you can dismiss this as some "silly project." i guess its somehow cooler to call it silly.

like any competition, i suppose those who didnt fare well will criticize, and those who win will sing its praises.

Posted by bama on 10/23/2010 at 3:39 PM

Re: “Disqualified Art Loop Open Finalist Cries Foul

didnt he also tell a classroom full of students what his text number was so that they could vote (presumably without attending the competition and viewing the piece itself?). Clearly, verbal communication constitutes publication in all 50 states. I think the competition should remain about the artwork, not an exercise in mass marketing.

Posted by bama on 10/23/2010 at 2:23 PM

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