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"Ballhawks" are obsessive Cub fans who hang around outside Wrigley Field waiting to catch any ball that might sail over the left-field wall. The hard-core among them structure their lives around this tradition, which dates back to 1914 and is apparently unique to the Cubs. Mike Diedrich's 2009 documentary about the ballhawk elite neither fawns over nor condescends to its subjects, which puts it ahead of most contemporary subculture docs but doesn't compensate for the fact that these guys are the most boring people ever to qualify as eccentrics. The best thing about the film is the hilariously solemn narration by Bill Murray, playing it as straight as David McCullough.



  • Mike Diedrich


  • Bill Murray
  • Marilyn Buhrke
  • Rich Buhrke
  • Dave Davison
  • Butch Edmonson
  • Kevin Kaduk
  • Mike Leonard
  • Andrew Mielke
  • Jack Mielke
  • Moe Mullins


  • Mike Diedrich
  • Joel Murray

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