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Dear editor,

My opinion is that horror/slasher movies have no social redeeming value, and that it says a lot about our society that a certain percentage of us get pleasure out of watching people being tortured, dismembered, slashed, and chopped to pieces. But as a liberal, I'm not about to force my views down anybody's throat. In return, it would seem reasonable that graphic scenes from these movies not be forced down my throat.

But unfortunately this is Halloween season, and movie studios are racing to out-gross each other, both financially and otherwise. And in their zeal to come across as the most shocking and bizarre, these industry ads sometimes make us see or hear some extremely graphic scenes in order to sell us movie tickets. It doesn't matter to these studios that we might want to stay as far away from such scenes as possible, or that we might want to keep our children as far away from these things as possible.

Two years ago it was the graphic sound of an ax dismembering a woman broadcast for our listening pleasure as a movie commercial on 'XRT. Fortunately, 'XRT had the good taste to remove the ad after listener feedback.

I'm asking you to do the same for Dee Snider's Strangeland, which on Friday, October 2, treated us to a picture of a young woman with her mouth stitched shut. Sure, I have friends with nose piercings, tongue piercings, and other piercings, but this picture is nothing less than a graphic torture scene that I shouldn't be forced to experience.

Save these graphic horror images for the theaters, where people who like this stuff can watch it to their hearts' content. Leave the rest of us alone. I shouldn't have to cover part of the page so that I can continue to read reviews of movies that begin with the letter A.

And God forbid that a child accidentally opens Section Two and is treated to six weeks of nightmares, courtesy of overzealous Hollywood studios and the Chicago Reader.

Steve McClure



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