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Awkward, at ImprovOlympic. Kim Garr and Megan Grano are two very appealing performers who'd be putting on a good show if only they'd written some decent material. Instead they have Awkward, a series of sketches taking on easy, obvious targets like television psychics, the materialism and stereotypes of American Girl Place, and being put on hold by the phone company (though that gag at least has a payoff). It's now running with The Awesome Show on a double bill.

Director Joe Canale has organized the evening with some originality, reviving skits unexpectedly, but his greatest contribution is a note in the program that's funnier than most of what's onstage. The actresses have fine timing and stage presence, especially Garr, whose innocent Anne of Green Gables looks conceal a mother lode of weirdness. The sketch in which she portrays a morbidly obese woman pinning responsibility for her condition on the butcher goes nowhere, but Garr says everything that can be said about the character with her bestowal of tender kisses on some prosciutto. Likewise she's so creepy as the owner of a tutu shop who sings her replies to all queries and who won't let Grano leave that Tony Perkins should be taking notes. But she and Grano haven't given themselves much to work with; even the good ideas sputter out before they catch fire.


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