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Asleep at the Switch 

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To the editors:

Your recent Neighborhood News feature on Kathy Osterman and the Treasure Island development fiasco ["A Strip Mall in Edgewater: class warfare, or small-time tiff?" by Ben Joravsky, January 15] brought to your readers' attention, again, that the 48th Alderperson is asleep at the switch. Our ward and the city of Chicago need another strip mall of video rental and record stores, like the Fridge needs another helping of cream puffs.

Anyone walking or riding down Broadway, between Thorndale and Lawrence, can count the number of these types of stores on both hands and then some. What happens to the private investment these proprietors have made, when a publicly subsidized strip mall, with publicly subsidized off-street parking is placed in their midst? I'm sure Alderperson Osterman and the Edgewater Community Council have not considered that important issue in their zeal to get this project going.

Isn't this the same Alderperson Osterman, who defeated the compromise with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and the city, which would have studied replacing housing destroyed in the Uptown Area with federal urban renewal monies over a decade ago, because she didn't like Helen Schiller's attitude? Who's jammin' who? What's important here; more emporiums of plastic or providing the citizens of the ward and the city the quality of life they have a right to? Then again, what can you expect from a person, who, on WBEZ radio, called those demonstrating outside city hall the night Mr. Sawyer was "elected" mayor "disgusting."

When will the electorate of Chicago wake up and smell the coffee and send the likes of Kathy Osterman, Ed Vrdolyak, Ed Burke, et al into permanent retirement? Bending a phrase; "All I am saying is give change a chance."

Art Kimball

N. Wayne


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