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click to enlarge Tyler Meredith and Sean Wiberg

Tyler Meredith and Sean Wiberg

Amanda de la Guardia

When: Saturdays, Sundays. Continues through Aug. 14 2016
Usually local theater companies, from the most acclaimed to the least recognized, approach Shakespeare’s plays as though they’re towering mountains to be climbed, resulting in lots of actors straining against every natural impulse, not to mention common sense, to manufacture something of extrahuman scale. Arc Theatre takes the opposite approach in this refreshingly life-size production. On a slab of dull concrete in a dinky Evanston park, director Mark Boergers’s endearing cast dispense with all pretense of grandeur—a wise move when you’re easily upstaged by a nearby swing set full of kids—and play Shakespeare’s scenes for their simple comedic truth. Rarer still, they make perfect sense of everything they’re saying. Even the kids on the swings came by to watch for a while. —Justin Hayford


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