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One would expect more from a Chicago-based publication the likes of the New Art Examiner [Hot Type, July 10]. If we were some small city in the deep south, perhaps we could shrug our shoulders and accept our little town bias.

But this is Chicago, right?

What runs beneath the surface of this story is not about censorship or even editorial choice. This is about a sad truth in our city and about people who think they are at the center of the "art scene" in Chicago, and are therefore qualified to judge the merits of what is a good or bad "nude photograph."

The sad truth part is that the New Art Examiner is not alone. There are a whole number of people who think they should be choosing for us because they somehow see themselves as qualified or entitled to do so.

It is moves the likes of this that remind us all how far from energetic progression the status quo really is.

The emperor has no clothes. But then again, we can feel safe knowing the New Art Examiner will cover his big bulging stiffy.

Thomas Masters

Eastwick Art Gallery


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