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Re: “Logan Lucky

This sounds just awful.. maybe he should retire

Posted by Anthony Krcmar on 09/15/2017 at 9:29 AM

Re: “Detroit

The mostly unknown actors were all exceptionally good and should have careers ahead of them. The Color grade, Casting, and lack of soundtrack was also very good. What was bad was the childish script which was filled with cartoonish stereotypes from every class, gender and color. I found myself cringing at how awful some of the lines were and the direction was pretty much a complete mess.

Anyone that is a fan of Bigelow's films knows that at some point she goes off on some tangent for 15 minutes but them usually rights the ship back on course. This entire film was off course from the opening 15 minutes which is just disarray (which I understand is part of the point) that goes on way too long and we learn nothing that drives the narrative along. The beatings were like seeing the awful Passion of the Christ... You get so desensitized by the constant beatings that you really don't care any more. The tacked on Penny Marshall-esque ending was filled with so much saccharine it could have induced a diabetic coma and did a complete injustice to The Dramatics. It was sad because I was really hoping for this to be an important film especially in the timeliness of this decade but instead it became a Lifetime Movie with over the top violence.

In the end I could have lived with the direction if there wasn't such a laughable script. How you take a topic like this and turn it into something that awful was truly amazing. Just present the story and you have a great film but instead you end up this disappointment

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Posted by Anthony Krcmar on 08/11/2017 at 10:17 AM

Re: “12 Years a Slave

12 Years a Slave is an arthouse exploitation gift to masochistic guilty liberals hungry for history lessons, some of whom consider any treatment of American slavery by a black filmmaker to be an unprecedented event, thus overlooking Charles Burnett’s far superior Nightjohn. JR

A restrictive aspect of focusing on the relatively exceptional case of a non-slave forced to become a slave for many years is a banal excercise of PBS TV extreme. The treatment of slavery as something relevant to both the present and more than just the U.S., Pedro Costa’s Sweet Exorcist, is a more valid corrective and carries much greater force, because it has at least some access to poetry –- which, is a crucial and not merely to exploitation-movie assaults as the afore-mentioned.

Why must we feel the need to expolit such a time in history as it somehow pays for our sins in a simple and easily digestible piece of chum? 12 years easily gets my vote for worst film of the year in respect to creating the largest chasm between what it is perceived to be and what it actually delivers upon.

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Posted by Anthony Krcmar on 03/27/2014 at 8:14 PM

Re: “Jobs

It took jobs 27 years to stop his floundering company from filing BK. Somewhat of a small miracle of sorts that it took that long, consdering he was surrounded by taleneted people and grew up around gobs of money. But I guess that is why he really was just a guy that took other ideas and made them digital. Yawn. In Kutchers case, I would say that even a broken clock is right twice a day but as with Jobs, he miraculously, is able to bend the laws of time by not being right even once a day thru endless foppishness, moronic gesturing and lline reading comparable to that of a toadstool without the toad. Fanbois will be all ablush in homoerotic mastabatory techno fantasy of their lord but if you have the sensibility above an IQ of 80, you will be seriously astonished.. And not in a good way.

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Posted by Anthony Krcmar on 08/18/2013 at 6:15 PM

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Re: “Toni Erdmann

Cristian Mungiu's, Tales from the Golden Age was an absolute comic gem

Posted by Anthony Krcmar on 04/01/2017 at 8:51 AM

Re: “Chris Hayes says America’s founders would be offended by the modern police state

He's right... but the police state really took off under the guy he defends, Obama after Bush and Cheney planted the seeds... So.... now what..........

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Posted by Anthony Krcmar on 03/28/2017 at 9:24 PM

Re: “Southside With You

Sounds, looks and tastes like a diabetic coma

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Posted by Anthony Krcmar on 08/26/2016 at 7:48 PM

Re: “David Robert Mitchell pays tribute to John Carpenter with It Follows

There were pros and cons to the film. Pros: It was refreshing to not have the "snappy" dialogue from the teens and also not to have every race, and sexual orientation represented so as not to offend any group directly... The characters seemed more real and the general avoiding of the "jitter cam" was also pleasant. (though what the hell was with the focus on the pirouette & half moon shots??? How did those make it into the final cut?) The Cons. It seemed to be a film that couldn't quite bridge the gap between thriller and formal exercise. The ideas really were there and it could have really been interesting but it seemed more than anything else, the writing couldn't hold it together, especially after the mid point of the film.

Overall, Im conflicted on it. Don't regret seeing it, just wish it pulled it off better. It will be interesting to see the next film and see if he progresses as a director. I agree with Mr Sachs, there was a lot to like but some errs as well but at least it wasn't the typical formula foolishness

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Posted by Anthony Krcmar on 04/11/2015 at 5:53 PM

Re: “Our favorite movies of 2014

You had me until the last one.... Affleck doesn't have the intelligence to be witty, pitch-black or satiric. He limps in and steals the all the banality out of a piece of white bread and slowly regurgitates it back on to the screen. And it only gets worse when he gets behind the camera. All this has seemingly metastasized onto Fincher this time around who needs to seriously think about going back to clumsily lifting motifs from Carl Dreyer.

Posted by Anthony Krcmar on 12/31/2014 at 6:36 PM

Re: “Idiocracy

Sadly you wont need to go but a few years into the future to get to this outcome....

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Posted by Anthony Krcmar on 12/06/2014 at 8:54 AM

Re: “Beyond the Lights

Funny.... it doesn't sound over-the-top cheesy & Melodramtic........

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Posted by Anthony Krcmar on 12/06/2014 at 8:42 AM

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