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Another Reason the Legalize Drugs 

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To the editors:

I know another reason to legalize marijuana which Eric Scigliano ["How to Win the War on Drugs," November 18] never mentioned--hemp! Marijuana fibres make durable and resilient ropes and canvas, the manufacture of which employed thousands of Americans (prior to the hysteria of "reefer madness" imposed on the U.S. almost single-handedly by Wm. Randolph Hearst and Harry Anslinger back in the 'teens, '20s &'30s). These same fibres could be used for making nontoxic and long-lasting wall and insulation boards as well.

It is rare indeed to find a ball of twine made in the States. How refreshing it would be for our politicians to pay more than lip service to the call for putting Americans back to work--and by decriminalizing marijuana, how easy!

Congratulations on yet another great article!

M. Wiesinger

Green Alliance



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