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Re: “Straw Dogs

If Hollywood is truly courageous and daring, it would make a movie about black-on-white violence.

This is a real-life STRAW DOGS that was all but suppressed by the media:

Almost all interracial rape involve black men attacking white women and almost no white men raping black women. But there was that hysterial about Duke Lacrosse team, yet total silence about the Knoxville Massacre.
This movie shows that Hollywood liberal Jews are the biggest bigots in the world. Biggeset hypocrites too. Though they live in luxury and rake in billions from us by giving us trashy garbage and 'creative accounting', they are always preaching to us about how noble they are. Though their brethren in the media drove this country into the war with Iraq and their brethren in Wall Street stole trillions from us, Hollywood Jews would have us believe there is no greater danger and evil in this world than a bunch of Southern hillbillies. And though American Jews support the vicious genocidal state of Israel(where Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank are kept and treated like animals in a zoo), Jews dare preach to us about tolerance and love.

In the South, most white women fear being raped by black men. But on racial issues, Hollywood is still stuck in the 40s or 50s, giving us movies like THE HELP where Negroes are all so wonderful and nice... or silly garbage like FAR FROM HEAVEN, where a white woman gains liberation by kissing a noble noble Negro.

Now, what about today's SOUTH, with its vicious blacks, with most interracial crime being black on white, especially in the rape department? Or what about Chicago where so-called 'youths' go around attacking white people? Oh no, blacks have nothing to do with that. Uhhhh... the Oakstreet beach was really shut down due to hot weather!!!
US media operates just like Hollywood: it feeds us politically correct myths.

This remake is a liberal Jewish hate movie. It says white men in the South are a bunch of thugs, louts, murderers, rapists, and NEED TO BE KILLED!!! Well, I hope Palestinians do what needs to be done against those vile Zionazis who run Israel. And in 2009, Wall Street Jews, via their waterboy Obama in the White House, stole over a trillion dollars from Main Street. Enough is enough. It's time we make heroic about noble Palestinians kicking Zionist scum ass. It's about time we had a French style Revolution and bring down the Wall Street shysters.

And speaking of violence to women, Jews in the music industry promote black rappers who celebrate thuggery and rape(often of white women). And Jewish agents and lawyers protect black athletes who rape white women. And Hollywood Jews use and abuse white women as sex objects. Just look at the Marilyn Monroe statue in Downtown Chicago. Monroe was just a sex doll created, own, and abused by Hollywood's Portnoy-like Jews. Indeed, it was the Jew who invented the stereotype of the dumb buxom blonde to be seen, used, abused, exploited, and disposed as an inflateable sex doll. If the story of Marilyn Monroe teaches us one thing, it's that Jews will exploit and abuse white women as sex objects, pass them around to one another pleasure, introduce her to all sorts of drugs and indulgence, and then just let her die. It's a sad story, but how is she remembered by Jewish-controlled-and-owned Chicago? She's turned into a giant statue that might as well be called White Pussy for everyone to gawk at. This is how Jews see white women: as porn objects to exploit and abuse. Some might say the statue is an honor to her memory since we are looking up at her. But looking at her what? Her panties and cunt. Some honor! Some respect!

And Jews own and control porn and exploit white gentile women--calle 'shikses'(yiddish for 'whores')--as sex meat for black men. How dare this foul vile scummy people portray OTHER people as rapists, killers, and etc? And let's not forget that Russian Jewish gangsters have shipped 1000s of Eastern European women to Israel for the sex slave trade. (But if you watch Hollywood movies, you'd think it's the MULSIMS who are into white slavery, when, in fact, Jews have been the masters of it since the Middle Ages). You may I'm being anti-semitic, but I ask why shouldn't I be critical of Jews when Jews are sooooo critical of non-Jews? Jews bitch about Muslims, Christian conservatives, Mormons, Germans, the French, Russians, Chinese, Japanese, etc, etc. Jews accuse everyone who dares to speak to truth to Jewish power for antisemitism all the while making wild generalizations about other people. Jews will Russians are so-and-so and that's why the Russkies are so fucked up. Or Jews will say Chinese are so-and-so and that's why we can't trust them. (Jews are even remaking RED DAWN as a yellow peril movie. Or is it North Koreans? Yeah, the grave threat to America at this point is... uh.. a Chinese or North Korean invasion. Never mind that Jews control Wall Street, Silicon Valley, big media, Hollywood, law firms, Ivy League universities, the Oval Office(with Obama as their running dog), Congress. I mean Jewish power is no joke: And Hollywood Jews have made innumerable movies about Muslims as nothing but terrorists, terrorists, and terrorists. Yet, Jews bitch and whine about 'antisemtism' if anyone dares to expose Jewish power. Jews take so much pride in dissent and critique, but if a non-Jew dares to critique Jewish power, even the most liberal Jews throw a fit and call that him or her a 'Nazi'. What a disgusting and hypocritical people.)

How would Jews feel if Mel Gibson did a remake of STRAW DOGS in the West Bank or Hollywood? How about a Palestinian couple attacked by IDF goons and Jewish settlers who spit on Palestinians as 'subhuman'? Or how about a movie where a white couple go to work in Hollywood, but Jews in Hollywood turn the couple onto drug addiction, sexual debauchery, porn, prostitution, sexual disease, etc? Those things are REALLY HAPPENING, unlike the scenario in the remake of STRAW DOGS where we are supposed to believe that subhuman white rednecks are on the lookout to rape and murder white liberals. In actual fact, the real stupidity of southern whites is that they blindly love and trust Jews and Israel, which is why so many of them are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting Wars for Israel, and coming back in body bags or with missing limbs. But what do they get from Jews in return for their undying loyalty to Jewish interests and causes? Jews make movie after movie depicting white southerners as subhuman rapist/murderer scum.

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Posted by Andrea D. Merciless on 09/16/2011 at 11:41 AM

Re: “Movie Review: The Battle of Chile and Nostalgia for the Light

What a lot of rubbish. Allende was doing what Hugo Chavez is doing now to secure permanent power for himself. He was not a lover of democracy, but like Chavez and Hitler, an opportunistic user of democracy to bring forth a form of dictatorship. If he was truly a freedom-loving democrat, why was he such a great admirer of Fidel Castro, who turned Cuba into a totalitarian dictatorship without any liberties whatsoever? At the slightest mention of 'Marxist', 'proletariat', or 'leftist', mushy headed liberal fools like J. R. Jones wet their pants and re-dream their silly dreams.
Allende was little more than a Chilean Castro, Chavez, or Gaddafi. He overstepped laws and the constitution, violating the political liberties and property rights of Chileans to bring forth a Marxist revolution in Chile. And contrary to the lies of the Left, Pinochet, brutal as he was, was not an extremist. Pinochet did what was necessary--stop Chile from becoming another Cuba--, revive the economy, restore order--, and then he stepped down and restored democracy. Did Castro do that in 50 yrs? Will Chavez ever do any such? No, but Pinochet is the BAD BAD guy while Allende is made out to be some saint. In fact, the coward killed himself, just like Hitler did.
What Pinochet did was bloody and unpleasant, and I wouldn't call it nice or good. But it was necessary. Suppose German generals had taken out Hitler. Sure, Hitler was popular--even more so than Allende in Chile, but he was dangerous and radical. Suppose, in the process of removing Hitler, around 3,000 Germans--loyalists of Hitler--were killed by the German military. Though that wouldn't have been nice, it would have been better for Germany if Hitler had been removed. It's funny. The very liberals who condemn the German military for not moving against Hitler are so outraged that the Chilean military made its move against a man who was merely using/abusing democracy to turn Chile into a Marxist dictatorship. What's really funny is these Western liberals wouldn't have any power and freedom under a Marxist system. Either cowards or fantasists, they admire Marxism from afar. In the early 70s when Pinochet was saving Chile from communism, the Western liberals were waving the flag for communist takeover of all of Vietnam and Cambodia. They were praising Mao Zedong, the murderer of 50 million. To this day, Godard never gets any flak of having been a crazy Maoist--though we never hear the end of how Griffith was a 'racist' and Riefenstahl was a 'Nazi'.

Though it would have been best for democracy to continue uninterrputed in Chilean history, the choice in the early 70s was not between democracy vs military dictatorship. It was between Marxists cleverly using democracy to usurp total power(as Chavez keeps doing in Venezuela) vs. the military made up of patriots that wanted to save Chile from a fate as same of Maoist China or Cuba.

Btw, the very same liberals who condemn the US for intervening in Chile in the overthrow of a Marxist thug seem to have NO PROBLEMS with NATO and Obama using extreme means to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya. Now, why is that? Is it okay for a black guy(backed by Jews) to topple a Muslim thug in North AFrica while there's something Eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil about aiding Chilean patriots to prevent their nation from becoming a totalitarian dictatorship like Cuba where Castro still calls the shots... through his younger brother Raul? SOME DEMOCRACY and PEOPLE POWER, the kind Allende was trying to bring to Chile. You liberals are such lowlife hypocrite shits.

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Posted by Andrea D. Merciless on 08/26/2011 at 3:28 PM

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