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An Affair to Remember

Leo McCarey's 1957 remake of his 1939 masterpiece Love Affair, coscripted with Delmer Daves and shot in color and 'Scope, is his last great film—a tearjerker with comic interludes and cosmic undertones that fully earns both its tears and its laughs, despite some kitschy notions about art and a couple of truly dreadful sequences. A playboy (Cary Grant) and a nightclub singer (Deborah Kerr) meet and fall in love on a luxury liner headed for New York; each is romantically committed to someone else, but they agree to meet at a future date if they can disentangle themselves from their commitments. Neither star ever showed quite this much delicacy before or after, and McCarey's elliptical way of framing key emotional moments meshes perfectly with their sublime performances.



  • David Lean


  • Cary Grant
  • Deborah Kerr
  • Richard Denning
  • Neva Patterson
  • Cathleen Nesbitt
  • Robert Q. Lewis
  • Charles Watts
  • Fortunio Bonanova
  • Matt Moore
  • Louis Mercier
  • Geraldine Wall
  • Nora Marlowe
  • Sarah Selby
  • Alberto Morin
  • Genevieve Aumont
  • Jesslyn Fax
  • Walter Woolf King
  • Dorothy Adams
  • Richard Allen
  • Paul Bradley
  • Mary Carroll
  • Brian Corcoran
  • Tony DeMario
  • Minta Durfee
  • Juney Ellis
  • Priscilla Garcia
  • Jack Lomas
  • Robert Lynn
  • Helen Mayon
  • Scotty Morrow
  • Alena Murray
  • Jack Raine
  • Marc Snow
  • Bert Stevens
  • Tina Thompson
  • Roger Til
  • Marni Nixon


  • Michael Wilson
  • Robert Bolt
  • T.E. Lawrence


  • David Lean
  • Robert A. Harris
  • Sam Spiegel

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