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In response to Q101 Program Director Bill Gamble's letter defending Jamboree '95 [June 9], gee, Bill, it must keep you up nights knowing Q101 beat out B96 in being the first to play "All That She Wants" from Ace of Base, but try not to be so overly impressed with yourself. Your station has yet to play Faith No More, and only plays KMFDM heavily when they're in town, otherwise they can be found at two in the morning Saturday on "Alternative Beat." Q101 jumped on the bandwagon praising PJ Harvey this year, yet before her new album came out, do you think Bill was giving Rid of Me much airplay? Most of Q101's redundant playlist is Top 40 fodder. So, Bill, don't pretend what you have isn't just another commercial, mainstream station that wouldn't know cutting edge if it bit it on its Counting Crows-loving ass.

Secondly, I'd like to let Mark Thomas, owner of the Alley and subject of "The End of a Scene" [Our Town, June 9] know that, as someone who frequented your business in the 80s and occasionally now and then, if it wasn't for those kids on Clark and Belmont and those like them around Chicagoland, your shitty little junk store would have never blossomed into the overpriced, multiroomed monstrosity it is today. You've got balls to go out there and harass the very group of people that, mostly by word of mouth, gave the Alley its name. I think someone should stick you behind that fence with a sign that reads "Mark Thomas, Sellout, Will Kiss Ass for Credit Cards!"

Aimee Williams



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