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Mike Sula

Starter-kit Korean, Chinatown's sole option for the cuisine.

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The only Korean restaurant in Chinatown, Ahjoomah's Apron adopts a tone that many Korean restaurants outside the orbit of a significant population of Koreans adopt, operating under the assumption that most people will have no idea what they're doing when they walk in. So the walls of the bright, modern storefront feature blow-up English texts on the basics of Korean food if, say, you need a history lesson on kimchi or bulgogi. The basics are reflected on the menu too: it's just straightforward traditional Korean food, spanning familiar soups, stir-fries, and hot pots (including the infamous Korean War relic budae jongol, bubbling with Spam and hot dogs). The soondubu chigae is thick with tofu, and the stir-fried squid with pork is spicy and saucy if a bit too sweet; the sweet-potato noodles in the chap chae, on the other hand, taste like they were dipped in Nutrasweet. The half-dozen gratis panchan—kimchi, fish cakes, black beans, soy-glazed potatoes, and pickled radish—seem a little skimpy, but they're fresh and continually replenished by a superfriendly and attentive staff that includes at least one very sweet ajumma (i.e., "married woman," typically of middle age). It's starter-kit Korean, but still a welcome addition to Chinatown's ever-diversifying options.

Mike Sula

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