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A Pretty Fair Classic 

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To the editors:

I didn't believe Jonathan Rosenbaum's review of Fatal Attraction [October 2]. I mean in the literal sense. I just didn't believe him, the reviewer. I kept getting the feeling that he, too, was caught up by the movie--didn't like the reasons why--so set about to trash it by using some really specious and spurious stretches of "intellectual" reasoning. The inclination to rip a movie because it (a) is a box office success and (b) flagrantly espouses yuppie themes and values is, one imagines, just too strong for a reviewer to resist. That, too, is a cliche. Indeed, while there were faults with the movie (Douglas's overtaxed jaw muscles, the De Palma-like use of mirrors, and the ending--one which producers Jaffe and Lansing no doubt would love to redo as it unwittingly threw the film into the Halloween genre, thereby undermining its own values), it was, in its fashion, a pretty fair classic of its type. Maybe a lot more than pretty fair. I rather suspect that "odd tension" Rosenbaum felt was both the movie working and his gut reaction--a feeling he probably should have gone with in his review. Maybe the trouble began with his lead. It wasn't very good, not to mention inspiring.

Rachel Cantera

Cleveland, Ohio


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