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A Modest Proposal 

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I was glad to see a fair-handed report on the movement to restore cumulative voting [October 15]. May I take this opportunity to propose a more comprehensive plan for reforming our legislature?

1. Reformulation of the House of Representatives into a 200-member body, elected at large, statewide, by list. This means that each party would post a list of candidates, citizens would vote for the party of their choice, and then the seats would be assigned proportionally with every party getting a seat for each 5 percent of the vote it received.

2. Abolition of the state senate. Nebraska has a unicameral legislature and that works very well for them. Moreover, all corporations are run by a single governing board of directors, as a division of power would hamstring them, and if government is to act as a counterweight to finance capital, it must be as free to act accordingly. If Pat Quinn had actually been sincere about saving money, he would have proposed this instead of reducing the size of the House!

3. The ancient Greek institution of ostrakismos should be revived and introduced. Under this procedure, any politician nominated for ostracism and receiving a majority of negative votes would be banished for ten years from our state and forbidden to interfere with its politics. How marvelous it would be to get rid of Pat Quinn and his ilk of do-gooders, "reform" cranks, and world improvers!

R.M. Schultz

W. Delaware


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