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Dear Reader and Andy,

Great article on John Kuczaj and Dave Kingman ["The Fan," March 7]. However, one possible correction. I'm pretty sure the rat was alive (or else the animal rights groups would have been out in full force). You could ask Susan Fornoff, as she was the reporter at the time. I lived in Berkeley and was an A's fan, and I didn't think having a rat sent to you was a bad thing. I always thought she should have put it on her shoulder and worn it for the rest of the game. That would probably have stopped all the nonsense. Anyway, thanks.

Margaret Shaw

Andy Behrens replies:

Thanks for the close read and the correction. Susan Fornoff was the recipient of the rat, and she was covering the A's for the Sacramento Bee when the incident occurred. She described Kingman's gift in her book Lady in the Locker Room: "I opened the box slowly and then closed it quickly when I saw the tissue paper inside move. 'It's alive,' I said." The rat wore a handwritten tag that read "My name is Sue." Fornoff is now a copy editor with the San Francisco Chronicle. The rat's whereabouts are unknown.


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