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A Greasy Scalper 

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To the editors:

Re: "Crime and Punishment: Confessions of a Wrigley Field Scalper" [September 29]

If Barry Silesky thinks that his persecution at the hands of Chicago cops after being arrested for scalping tickets is "some kind of key to the decline of America," he is mistaken in his placement of blame outside of himself. His penny-ante scam is no great act of revolutionary courage deserving applause, but a cowardly attempt to take advantage of a system that does, as he reluctantly acknowledges, keep tickets out of the hands of the "poor 'average fans,'" a group in which he seems above inclusion. If he is really concerned about the treatment of ticket scalpers or the unfair advantage certainly held by ticket brokers, he can work to change the laws or the way tickets are allocated. But until then, his act of scalping and the defense thereof is just one more greasy attempt to make a quick buck, which takes him out of his self-defined spot with "the helpless, the victims," and separates him only by degree from "the established powers, the already wealthy." Perhaps his strivings toward justice might be more appropriately channeled to another, less self-serving outlet.

Peter Eckart



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